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So I was watching DS9 and I realized that sometimes if everything you write is heavy handed and moralistic, sometimes you end up being wrong but REALLY STRONGLY.

So, I made @boldly and have been unemployed for a while. If you love this bot, consider supporting me:

i just wanna play dnd and not have to worry about finding a job

Finding work has been harder than expected. If anyone knows any positions that would work for me, it'd be appreciated.
Titles I'm okay with:
Software developer ()
Site Reliability Engineer
Support Engineer

Thank y'all so much!

I just saw an ad for a Macklemore concert at a tech conference and I think Silicon Valley is in the darkest timeline

I love that I talk about my new bots like @boldly for like a week then watch as it organically grows

my post tech career strategy is dismantling capitalism

<pinhook> lads i am going to be greater than 4gb.. the maximum filesize for fat32

I really want to be a software developer but I don’t have enough dev experience to get a dev job. I need to get a dev job to get dev experience.

One of the grossest parts of late stage capitalism is that even our trauma must be monetized

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