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pet death, request for funds 

pet death, request for funds 

I am sorry for anyone who has asked for something custom for @boldly The code is just really not meant for that without a refactor and I just don’t have the energy. The code is on and the font is here:

I can’t watch anime because no one makes subs for the dubs

Just got passed over for a job that I did 4 interviews for. If anyone has any openings for me, let me know!

What’s the fastest way to catch up on critical role? I’m on episode 40...

When football season starts, who wants to start a trans football podcast called “Feelins and Football”?

Thinking about making a bot to generate old town road verses for the remix apocalypse

archangelic: we should watch Dune.
tehfraga: ::has look of horror and disgust on face::
archangelic: ::laughs:: it has Sting in it!
tehfraga: ::blinks:: you know this is...having the opposite of the effect you want...right...?
archangelic: ::snorts and dies laughing::

I firmly believe all my Portland friends should vote because Portland deserves to be led by someone who has already been doing the work on the ground to make real change for the better in the city.

This site is saving me so much hassle with having a low powered microwave

I have a very important question for the Acq Inc fans out there: if the members of the A team and C team were animals, what would they be?

Reminder that “turn the other cheek” isn’t about pacifism, it’s about shedding light on violence by saying “hit me again motherfucker, I dare you”

I struggle so hard to find places I want tattoos that aren’t my chest and forearms. Like I don’t think the job that wants me will let me have visible tattoos but I really want a tattoo soon.

is the story of a man trying to reconcile his memory of his abusive father against the memories of those who think he’s a hero

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