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electricity is being cut off at my house temporarily. znc bouncer is offline until then. @tildetown

Meds reminder! Because I missed one medicine yesterday

i just want to speculate on how names can be fluid and pronouns can be like a zombie

so i noticed that since i mapped caps lock => esc, i now try to hit escape all the time even when i know it doesn't work.

it just feels like it's always the first option since it's in home row.

my adhd is in a mood, so i'm wanting to finally create pinhook-core and create all the different pinhook platforms

i have thought extensively about hosting a tilde server on a computer made out of parts people gave me

i hate growing out my hair because you just look disheveled for months on end

Can I just grow hair really fucking fast and long and dye it light pink and become a manic pixie dream gender nightmare with bad lipstick and a real hatred for certain textures

So @Tehfraga is having me watch Girls Just Want to Have Fun. So much 80s dancing and young Helen Hunt!

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