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i kinda wish discord had slack threading, but also fuck chat apps.

i think a lot about python as a web scripting language

I bought a waterproof columbia jacket and now i feel like i've reached peak PNW

the star trek movies are not enough meme lords at this job. i require overuse of custom emojos?

to generate hacker text with each word on its rain boots.

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i have spent today doing no work, just making a thing in gimp. how has your work day been?

FOSS/FLOSS cannot truly exist without UBI or another avenue to fulfill basic needs. Otherwise it will forever be something made by the privileged for the privileged.

Taylor Doose in Gilmore Girls is the ultimate evil capitalist archetype. Unilaterally controls the political structure of the town and wields it strictly to suit his business interests. All the while keeping a likable image to all but a minority (Luke and sometimes the bookstore owner).

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