DnD art take: give female orcs and half-orcs tusks for heavens sake

I’m reading google’s site reliability engineering book and I’m only a little bit into a typical server setup and I’m already mindblown. This is such a good book!!!

If I ever build a computer I want it to be in a 90s style beige box

in 25 days 3 hours and 8 minutes you forgot you did this i'm sure

What’s your favorite species and why? Pics strongly encouraged!

Memes on Facebook are like:

*screenshot of tweet*

*screenshot of same tweet in dark mode*

april fools day on the internet is a fucking accessibility nightmare

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Interviews? At this hour? It’s more likely than you think!

notice that only fascists use the "thin <color> line" logic

@enderwoman @violet the "thin <color> line between civilization and chaos" kinda rhetoric. it's gross

looming layoffs are a major part of working in the tech industry. tech workers MUST organize for this to change.

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