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The Era of the Dragons, a dnd 5e actual play, premieres tonight at 7:30 pm pacific. I am so excited to bring a touch of my homebrew world to all of you! I hope you join us for some fun and adventure!

@Frogluvr91 @boldly omfg, This makes me so u reasonably happy! Boldly in the wild!!


I’ve decided to let @boldly do all the shouting for me today.


@nova I know this is from a year ago but I love that I legit know this is a picture of someone’s ass. Like, this was a proud moment for my little bot.

Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to start a D&D 5e actual play stream and I'm looking for players still! If you're interested, you can sign up here!

vanta selfie!!!!! (feat. new eyeliner strategy, eye contact) 

@vantablack omg it’s been a while since I’ve seen a selfie of you, and you look so good!!!!

Full on panicking because I’m not AT ALL ready to run my dnd game tomorrow.

New to the fediverse? Check out my little bots!

@boldly posts bold text over generated images. Inspired by the work of Barbara Kruger.

@corrupt_memories is a bot that posts markov generated text from cyberpunk novels onto animated glitched images

@gradients it posts gradients. That’s all.

Guess I’m back here for a bit. I still have a twitter and will still check it but I miss masto anyway.

@boldly @riotmuffin that fills me with so much joy! I love working on this silly little project and it makes me happy to know that it makes others happy!

@riotmuffin @boldly they are from a list I generated and tried to clean up to the best of my ability. I will probably purge that one.

why bother with nfts when @boldly is right there and you can download the jpegs for free @boldly nothing this bot creates is licensed. Feel free to use it as you wish.

Current events, uspol 

I just wish internet leftists would not take this opportunity to dunk on vets who have any opinion about Afghanistan. Like, not all pieces of the imperial war machine are created equally or even part of the machine willingly.

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