I’ve seen so many bad takes on how electing Biden is gonna be some big victory for queer rights and all I can think about is this

I hope the @NCAA doesn’t count this football season against player eligibility. As much as I want college football this season, it needs to be canceled.

Anyone have a suggestion for a command line Gemini client?

Hey folks! I need some help paying my internet bill so I can continue working from home! Anything helps! paypal.me/pools/campaign/11422

tired: infrastructure as code
wired: visual art as code

Somebody by me an energy drink and bring it to my house

Portland police have been using tear gas on protesters the whole time but @tedwheeler only denounces its use when it’s ordered by trump 🤔

Do any other trans folks think “my friends and family and coworkers are used to my new name. I should change it again” or is that just me?

Anyone have decent resources or experience starting a co-op company? I have an idea and want some guidance.

Black Lives Matter
Black Trans Lives Matter
Black Queer Lives Matter
Abolish the police

It’s time to celebrate in the traditional way: by LOUDLY fighting for the immediate end to police violence

@dotUser Eugene is a big leftist hotspot so it’s not surprising.

Do I start criar role again despite being 200hrs behind? Y/y?

I like to think that warlock patrons think of their warlocks more like pets than creatures to toy with. “Oh aren’t you adorable, here, have some murder magic you murder machine”

@dotUser I might be able to grab one from my catalog and send to you. It was in a friends Abel sisters one day.

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