@desvox that there’s his drinkin’ arm. Ain’t gotta work that one out.

Glad to know I still can’t get lulus overdrive to go more than 5 times 😡

Okay I don’t know how I sunk 10 hours into ffx as a kid. I might just play x-2 instead. Dress spheres are where it’s at.

Playing FFX and I find it hilarious that Tidus’ reaction to any broken thing is to just hit it like the fonz

Me reading about the illithid in dnd: 🤔 this is really familiar

Stargate: goa’uld
Animorphs: yeerks

Me: I wonder what it could be...

i kinda love seeing which posts flounder on birdsite and flourish here

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1 week until the acquisitions incorporated book drops and i couldn't be more excited!

No one:
Me: what if I made my players fight a crab god

Give your money DIRECTLY to houseless folks and panhandlers!

@weird_dungeon @boldly ahhh. Idk if I can get the exact background image but I can 1000% do this word in any resolution. Any preference?

If wooloo doesn’t learn rollout I’ll be disappoint

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rainforest cafe is just a touristy cracker barrel

rainforest cafe is just a touristy cracker barrel

1. I generally say I'm pansexual, but really i'm just not-straight (is anyone truly straight? (I know the answer is yes))

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