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The Era of the Dragons, a dnd 5e actual play, premieres tonight at 7:30 pm pacific. I am so excited to bring a touch of my homebrew world to all of you! I hope you join us for some fun and adventure!

Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to start a D&D 5e actual play stream and I'm looking for players still! If you're interested, you can sign up here!

Today we said goodbye to Beau aka professor fluffybutt, Beau-ba-leau, fluff nugget, the fluff

He was a dear friend and work from home buddy. He is already missed.

See you on the other side my dude. 🌈🌈

2 - favorite starter

Piplup!!! Just look at this cutie and tell me you don’t love it!

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1 - favorite Pokémon

Empoleon is my absolute fave. When I got my DS the game I had was diamond version and I got him up to level 90 before losing the cart.

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30 minutes in and we've already dropped a MacGyver reference around the new Colonel.

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I’ve seen so many bad takes on how electing Biden is gonna be some big victory for queer rights and all I can think about is this

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