i think the most important part of mastodon is not necessarily the tech side of decentralization, but the decentralization of community management. a monolith cannot handle small communities and how to manage their various issues. decentralized platforms can excel on that.

@archangelic yeah, just so. decentralization is about power relationships.

there are in fact legitimate _technical_ reasons to prefer centralization of many systems, it's just that our technical culture fails by not considering _concentration of power_ a likely failure mode. (well, honestly, by considering it a goal most of the time.)

@brennen @archangelic @garbados I realized the other day that Reddit, despite all its problems, illustrates this distinction: although technologically centralized, community management is distributed, so it's _possible_ with enough deliberate effort to have a good subreddit. I thought comparing that with Mastodon etc was interesting.

@jamey @brennen @archangelic @garbados My experience of reddit is that small, well-defined communities tend to have good subreddits. "Fans of X" is generally a good subreddit unless X has a toxic fandom (e.g. much of computer gaming, or attractive female celebrities).

Broader communities (like, say, politics) tend to have terrible subreddits.

@po8crg @jamey @brennen @archangelic @garbados The other thing with Reddit is that the equivalent of defederation is difficult.

For example, you may have a healthy community focusing on a specific less-mainstream branch of politics... but it's gonna get brigaded, and it's difficult to avoid that unless you have a bot watching the sources of the brigades, and banning anyone who posts there.

@bhtooefr @jamey @brennen @archangelic @garbados True. You pretty much need to be prepared to work like SRS if you're saying anything that there is a large hostile audience for.

I mean, SRS works, and you can have something like /r/srsdiscussion without it getting brigaded, but there's hard, well-defended wall around the Fempire.

(heck, you could say the same about r/KotakuInAction/)

@archangelic this *is* the tech side of decentralization, though. communities are always affected and affect the platforms that afford them.

@nightpool oh, yes, i understand that the tech is the facilitating force, but i was just thinking about why it is so beneficial, and community management came to mind.

@archangelic yeah :D this is the stuff i've been saying for months and months now haha so i'm very passionate about it

Reddit is a great example of a large corporation failing to control such a wide range of communities

@KillerRomulan I think reddit falls on its face because the account structure is still monolithic and thus can’t be controlled as tightly.

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