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Decided to watch the peak 90s sci-fi show Stargate SG-1. Ready for this adventure!!

30 minutes in and we've already dropped a MacGyver reference around the new Colonel.

“It should spit out 2-3 coordinates a month”

And we have our planet of the week show!

Why are these worms so goddamn picky? Like you just need someone who will live a while. Damn.

They keep talking about iris lockout. Iris? This is the first we’ve heard about any iris.... I was pretty sure that was a later conceit.

Sha’re gets done so dirty at the beginning of this series. At least in the movie, the tropey garbage was undercut by her knowledge of the gate.

I love how they are conveying Teal’c having second thoughts about all this without him barely saying a word.

Daniel is supposed to be this massive expert on languages and has lived with native speakers for years but acts like a tourist trying to order food in a foreign country.

Honestly if the music wasn’t so good, this show would be wayyy more cheesy

O’Neill is a character that would never have been written in a post 9/11 world. Maybe his movie version, but not the SG-1 version. He cares deeply about his enemy in a way that I don’t see in fiction beyond Star Trek.

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