I think I'm going to start trying to make a game again. I still think about "druidquest" my game with no combat, lots of collectibles and an optional puzzle-based story. I also keep thinking about how i want a creative project. Idk, I think about a lot...

I don't know the first fucking thing about making games, who can teach me how to make simple 2d games?

@archangelic i would suggest PICO-8 [1] (costs $15 and worth every penny), which has a zine [2] where there are game tutorials, or TIC-80 [3] (free software, has a pro version but you can compile the pro version yourself), that has tutorials on its wiki [4].





@archangelic and, of course, I'd be willing to help if you needed it

@archangelic Defold ( is easy to learn and really quite powerful in terms of flexibility, and free at that!

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