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Want to use python to make an irc bot? Try pinhook, my framework for quick and easy bot creation!

It's pluggable so you can quickly create python plugins and load them without restarting your bot!

{Also welcome any feature requests, bug reports, or pull requests!)

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I really hate to do this again but my wife @penelope and I are in a really tight spot right now. We have several large bills coming up soon and Penny is still out of work so we don't have enough money to cover all of them. If anyone could help us out that would be greatly appreciated ❤️

Venmo: @fairlady_z

Bitcoin: 1PzTaqmKPX84BmCLRWX6SQ52ox7WDu81Lf
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Current events, uspol 

I just wish internet leftists would not take this opportunity to dunk on vets who have any opinion about Afghanistan. Like, not all pieces of the imperial war machine are created equally or even part of the machine willingly.

Tech and mental health 

After I lost my job as an SRE, I immediately went on the job hunt. Looking back, I can see how much just the process of looking for work in tech destroyed my mental health. I felt suicidal and depressed from multiple rejections even after multiple interview rounds. I am afraid of ever attempting to apply for tech jobs again.

Transition goals 

I want to transition to girl, then back up and get to tomboy enby.

My passion to work in tech dwindles every day I'm not working. I keep thinking about what I actually want to do once I have to "reenter" the workforce, and I just don't even know.

that feeling of "did I fuck up" every time i run a `sudo dd ...` command.

Really thinking about making a “modern” dnd setting, but solarpunk.

I’m okay and got home a little while ago. I most likely passed a kidney stone and it caused excruciating pain. They treated me for my pain and sent me home. I’m tired but okay.

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7 hours of being in the ER. My bp is high because I’m so frustrated and in pain. No one has told me why I’m still in the waiting room. No one has told me anything. If I didn’t have MyChart I wouldn’t know anything at all about the labs they have run.

I’ve spent over 4 hours in the ER waiting room. How is your day going?

I want to add a panda subrace, but I want to avoid orientalism. If you have any thoughts, let me know!

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Anyone know any trans/fat friendly weightlifters? Trying to be a strong soft girl

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