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Want to use python to make an irc bot? Try pinhook, my framework for quick and easy bot creation!

It's pluggable so you can quickly create python plugins and load them without restarting your bot!

{Also welcome any feature requests, bug reports, or pull requests!)

I spent so long pretending to be a man that I sometimes forget I’m not one

I’ve seen so many bad takes on how electing Biden is gonna be some big victory for queer rights and all I can think about is this

I hope the @NCAA doesn’t count this football season against player eligibility. As much as I want college football this season, it needs to be canceled.

Anyone have a suggestion for a command line Gemini client?

Hey folks! I need some help paying my internet bill so I can continue working from home! Anything helps!

tired: infrastructure as code
wired: visual art as code

Somebody by me an energy drink and bring it to my house

Portland police have been using tear gas on protesters the whole time but @tedwheeler only denounces its use when it’s ordered by trump 🤔

Do any other trans folks think “my friends and family and coworkers are used to my new name. I should change it again” or is that just me?

Anyone have decent resources or experience starting a co-op company? I have an idea and want some guidance.

Black Lives Matter
Black Trans Lives Matter
Black Queer Lives Matter
Abolish the police

It’s time to celebrate in the traditional way: by LOUDLY fighting for the immediate end to police violence

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