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Want to use python to make an irc bot? Try pinhook, my framework for quick and easy bot creation!

It's pluggable so you can quickly create python plugins and load them without restarting your bot!

{Also welcome any feature requests, bug reports, or pull requests!)

I’m looking for work as:
🛠 Tech support engineer
💻 jr dev (python but can learn!)
🖥 Linux admin (sre/ops)
Or similar jobs!
Looking for remote position or Eugene/Portland OR.

Would it be weird if I went into tech recruiting or is that just like a gross job in general?

Just to continue with details for I am looking for a remote position ideally and my ability to relocate is pretty limited to Portland at this point. (I live in Eugene)

It’s a new year! Does your company need a sr tech supp eng/tier1 sre/jr dev/Linux admin/or similar? I’m looking for a job and am highly motivated to be the person you’re looking for!

I need over $30 to cover this bill. And I still need money for food. Anything at all helps. $archangelic on cashapp.

Hey folks, sorry to ask for money again but I need some help covering my car insurance so I can keep doing grubhub and pay food/rent. Anything helps

My favorite little detail about the Witcher is that there are so many different currencies. Do you think he has to think about exchange rates all the time?

The revolution will not have a similar overlayed compose box

Thanks so much for y’all’s help again this month. Holidays have been so hard. But my rent is covered!

Hey folks. It looks like I’m gonna be a few hundred dollars short on rent this month. The holidays were hard and I’m hoping to find work now that they are over. If you can help, it would be appreciated.

Holidays are super stressful and haven’t been able to make much money and I’m not sure how I’m gonna pay rent again. If you can spare anything it would be so helpful!

Ugh. I need to get a headlight replaced on the car so I can keep doing Grubhub deliveries at night. If you can help us at all it would be massively appreciated

Hey folks. My partner and I still need help making sure all our bills get paid. Anything at all helps! Feel feee to share the link!

It’s just been hit after hit this holiday and I appreciate all your help!

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