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Want to use python to make an irc bot? Try pinhook, my framework for quick and easy bot creation!

It's pluggable so you can quickly create python plugins and load them without restarting your bot!

{Also welcome any feature requests, bug reports, or pull requests!)

Anyone have decent resources or experience starting a co-op company? I have an idea and want some guidance.

Black Lives Matter
Black Trans Lives Matter
Black Queer Lives Matter
Abolish the police

It’s time to celebrate in the traditional way: by LOUDLY fighting for the immediate end to police violence

Do I start criar role again despite being 200hrs behind? Y/y?

I like to think that warlock patrons think of their warlocks more like pets than creatures to toy with. “Oh aren’t you adorable, here, have some murder magic you murder machine”

I always hope my cat will go to sleep after eating but he is just gaining strength to yell at me more

Who has a Nintendo family online subscription that can add me 😅

We are in California because’s aunt is at end-of-life in the hospital. Between this and the pandemic, I’m very concerned about having funds to pay rent next month because I depend on Grubhub right now. Donations and shares are very welcome.

My partners aunt is very ill so we had to come to California for the time being. Any help is appreciated. We still have past due bills and won’t have normal income. Please share in your networks. Thank you, friends.

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