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Want to use python to make an irc bot? Try pinhook, my framework for quick and easy bot creation!

It's pluggable so you can quickly create python plugins and load them without restarting your bot!

{Also welcome any feature requests, bug reports, or pull requests!)

Why are these worms so goddamn picky? Like you just need someone who will live a while. Damn.

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“It should spit out 2-3 coordinates a month”

And we have our planet of the week show!

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30 minutes in and we've already dropped a MacGyver reference around the new Colonel.

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Decided to watch the peak 90s sci-fi show Stargate SG-1. Ready for this adventure!!

Me in 2004: lol the day after tomorrow is such an over the top movie

Me in 2021: 😨

Anyone who sings “doo doo doo” in a song is a coward and should have used a trumpet instead

My players have adopted: a warforged, an ooblex, a cockatrice, and now 2 baby blue dragons.

Me: “It’s like if Post Malone and Zach Galifianakis had a baby”

TTRPG streamers: please normalize the audio on your vods. I know it takes time but running a normalize on the audio makes everyone’s voice pop a bit even with everyone’s different mics and setups.

what's the best, lightweight, federated mastodon-compatible server out there? Thinking of starting an instance, but not sure if mastodon would do well on a small vps.

This is being allowed to happen. When I see the oppressed people constantly met with disproportionate aggression and then today happens and I barely see a uniform on the ground much less riot police, I can only come to one conclusion: that this is a sanctioned act.

Are there writers who mainly use their phones? If so, any tool/app suggestions (even obvious ones and how you use them)?

Today I learned that in crontab, if you are doing a step interval (*/3) that the first of the month is always included. Happy new year!

What are some interesting spaces/businesses/organizations where good software would help make things easier?

This thought brought to you by me realizing that I learn new vernacular every damn week.

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Can’t believe I’m getting “well actually”’d about elves 🤦🏻‍♀️

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