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also remember i told you not to have "publickey" as your handle if you wanted to federate properly with pleroma/akkoma

well don't have "followers" as your handle either

applies to mastodon/pleroma/gts users and probably others

they're very good friends considering they were introduced to each other as adults, they wrestle together and stuff it's very cute

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one of my cats loves to walk past the other cat and hit him in the face with her tail

busses are so fucking expensive! when there's two of you it's cheaper to just get a taxi half the time! ugh!

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I can see them just fine. It's just I don't think they should exist. Ⓐ

watching someone play a detective game and whispering "no comment no caution" to myself every time a character starts answering questions

honestly worth having a vpn just for the times im watching youtube in the app on my phone because at least the adverts are like, swedish ones for drinks that aren't available here instead of endless marvel movie adverts

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Being anti-racist means being willing to have hard conversations with your friends, and being willing to lose them if they won't listen. That's just how it is. If you think you can call yourself anti-racist and also never face hard choices and never lose anyone... like, that's cute and all but just not how things work.

having a great time because i deleted whatsapp and now everyone has to message me on signal ha ha

using the hot weather to defeat my girlfriend's laundry mountain

i know we all always say this but whyyyy are voices mixed so fucking low in everything
also does disney plus just not have subtitles? and why can i only fast forward ten seconds at a time by giving myself rsi clicking on the remote

we're not doing as well at heat management this time, everywhere is too warm, oh no

i should really take a photo of all the work plants i look after on monday because they're looking particularly powerful right now

unfortunately now i have to sit on a hot bus for half an hour to get home

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i got too hot at work and had to go home early. 32°C is too hot to be doing cleaning for four hours

tfw a prolific tweeter suddenly sets up a mastodon crossposter (it's always mastodon)

it is a constant struggle keeping all my succulents and cactuses healthy because we don't really have any good windowsills here. hopefully when we move we can find somewhere that all my plants can be happy
currently worried about my fittonia because i left it too far from a window for nearly a month by accident and it has mostly died but there's a few small shoots still looking healthy so i think it will recover, sorry to my fittonia 😔

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spent two hours soaking all my potted plants in a bucket of water outside one at a time to try and convince the fruit flies they want to live outside and not in my plant pots

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