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is there a good misskey instance with signups open/that someone can invite me too? wanna try misskey πŸ‘€

@heartles hmmm maybe it's time for a new account then

hey i'm in great yarmouth and there's some sick dinosaur stilt walkers from Out There Arts and i love them

@heartles uh oh am i gonna need to find somewhere new

my girlfriend said i look like a sexy version of curious george's owner

re: another view on pests (3/x) 

@elilla yes! i have snails in my indoor aquarium because they eat all the debris and algae and keep the tank nice and clean. they've never once eaten any of the living plants, only dead stuff

mum confused my girlfriend last night by saying "do you mind if i get down?" when she finished eating. in norfolk you say "get down from the table" to mean "leave the table" but my girlfriend had never heard that before and thought mum was going to start dancing or something

i love seagulls. awful birds. absolutely dreadful.

there's so many expensive cars here, i'm not enjoying the vibes

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not feeling great about this holiday park my mum took us to lads

hello if you happen to have a photo of a pigeon being a weird little guy please send it to me for reference, i like to draw pigeons, thank you

i kind of like travelling when the trains are a bit messed up because people talk to each other more

weirdly it's more tiring to read in a language i'm not fluent in?? mods?

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i have a five hour train journey today and the only book i packed is in spanish. i managed three chapters but i forgot i can't just read in spanish indefinitely like i can in english

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