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Autocorrect didn't solve the problem of people not looking at what they write before they send it and we ended up trading messy but comprehensible stuff like "waht is teh porblem" for like "East's is the. Probed to"

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Blog post titled "How To Use Signal Without Giving Out Your Phone Number".

Says to get new phone number to give out instead.

"How To Drive To Work Without Using Your Car: Get A New Car"

"How To Keep Food Cold Without Using Your Fridge: Get A New Fridge"
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i want to nuke twitter threads crossposted to mastodon from orbit

do i need to own my own woodburning pen, whittling knives, sewing machine and knitting needles given how infrequently i use them? absolutely not. is there any easy way for me to access those tools very infrequently without owning them? also no

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desperately want a community craft library/workspace so i don't keep buying shit for crafts i do once a year

my favourite thing about the fediblock account is how it hides everything behind a content warning but doesn't... warn you about the content

my bus was two minutes early and i missed it >:(

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unfortunately my girlfriend owns a lot of stuff and finds it really difficult to get rid of things but i might see if i can convince her that the things she hasn't even looked at in the last two years can maybe go into storage because i hate having a house full of Things

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at some point in the next few months me and my girlfriend are moving out of the house we currently share with my ex and we probably can't get movers because all our stuff isn't very separated and it's going to be hellllll so i have started throwing away most of my belongings in preparation

i changed the app language to english and it still thinks i'm in spain

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etsy has decided i'm in spain because my phone language is spanish and i can't work out how to convince the app to let me to filter to uk shops rather than shops in spain

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(2) Minecraft is a video game. Based on information provided by the FBI, the government understands that it is common for persons discussing criminal activity online to refer to such activity as occurring "in Minecraft" to conceal the true nature of the activity.

it's 21c and i'm under the duvet in a dressing gown trying to warm up

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rang my dad and sung happy birthday at him down the phone because i forgot to get him a card, i think we can all agree my singing is much better than a birthday card

it's going to be super hot tomorrow when i have to go to work and do a bunch of cleaning and then cooler again at the weekend when i could go wild swimming 🙁

i was supposed to have a rest day today because i've been overdoing it and keep having fatigue crashes but instead i repotted all my plants and did a bunch of admin

oooh i forgot it's the solstice today, i normally like to have a solstice bbq, maybe i can organise a v last minute one

ooh maybe i'll go to the garden centre so i can repot my plants

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