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guys 😝 cringemas 🦌 is almost 🙏 over 💯💯 !!! send this post 📪 to 10 🔢 of your friends 🥰 or you'll never 😨 be based 👍👍💯😤 again 😱😱😱

My family still talks about none pizza with left beef like it's the internet's hottest meme

This is code for "I just set up the wiki page for Giga's latest song so you can sing along."

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Cigar Cigar( ´ー`)y-~~

happy holidays funny internet people

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Playing Mario Kart with my siblings right now. It's a cool game, but isn't it kind of a Super Tux Kart ripoff??

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my own picks 

1. hello
2. goodbye
3. thank you
4. sorry
5. I don't speak this language
6. help
7. what is your name?
8. where is the train station?
9. yes/exactly
10. my hovercraft is full of eels

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when the logitech marble button scrolling works better in linux than windows: :)

When I have a bad day I have 3 go-to's-- siinamota, perfume, and dateken (I think the common thread in the sound there is pretty obvious?? maybe?) or I just listen to Madeon's Adventure which made me actually listen to music as a 13 year old

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It is SO silly but I absolutely love Perfume and Yasutaka Nakata's composition. It's pop music through and through but how thoroughly electronic it is hooks me and it brings me right back to how I felt listening to it as a kid. It sounds like how optimism for technology feels (felt?) and you *know* I'm a sucker for that lmao

maaaybe I should finally set up my homepage this break

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