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dad: "how did you get interested in bass"

(hides all of the vocarock on my computer)

when your dad texts you, tells you he put Microsoft edge on his arch install and calls you a script kiddie how are you supposed to recover

can the internet handle that many niconico links in one place

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what if I just. made an RSS feed to keep track of all the vocaloid songs I like

Anyone have a crane or 10,000 dollars I can borrow?

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agatha what the actual Fuck 

ever just look at your pinky toe and think "wow. this is amogus-shaped"

Legit reason to get your friends in college/uni to switch to Linux: it actually connects to eduroam unlike Windows

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just realized systemd doesn't have a mascot, i dunno how this isn't a release blocker

Now the only problem is getting HDMI output out of the nvidia card 😩

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Got it. It wasn’t nvidia specifically but the fact that thinkpad p1 g3 uses combined intel and nvidia graphics. installing sof-firmware fixes it!

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has anyone had success getting nvidia audio working on wayland/sway? I am suffering. seeing the card, alsa+pulse add it to mixers, but can’t actually get any audio out of it or raise the volume level above zero

All of my school stuff runs in linux natively!! Or it’s a webapp!! I’m freee!

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I have finally reached the stage of my life where I can run linux full time without excuses. I have never been happier. I’ve waited So Long

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