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Final exams over! Now for the presentation

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2022 will be the Year of IPv6 on the Desktop

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I found these big-ass signal corps transmitters and I'm kinda wondering if I could get a wave or two out of them. I have zero idea how to power them though.

食べてすぐ寝て丑になる :blobfistbumpL:
起きてまた寝て人でなし :blobscream:

the thought of this alone is keeping me going

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somehow I don't think I ever mentioned this here, but a while back I secured myself an internship, like a boss. I'm gonna be away from home over the summer, but I'm going to be tracking spacecraft in geosynchronous orbit. with radio waves. and if that doesn't sound like a badass summer I don't know what is

KAFU was a synth I didn't like originally but then it grew on me immensely.

Please check out the following songs and artists

Recommended bangers: - marshall maximizer, hiiragi magnetite (COOL EVERYTHING) - elite, chinozo (COOL LYRICS) - lagtime record, yunosuke (COOL EDM) - kyukyurarin, iyowa (COOL AESTHETIC) - devil, teniwoha (COOL ROLLED R PART) - outbreak, teary planet (COMBINES HATSUNE MIKU AND KAFU) - radio waves, newtaro (IT MAKES MY HEART FEEL WARM)

hello federated universe what's up

"why are the cs majors like that"

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random textfile exerpt:
44.Does :) :( :* ad the like starting to appear on your business and other
45.Do you find yourself SAYING..Kiss...Hugs..Smooch...LOL..instead of DOING

time is a flat circle

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just realized that "online" was a term used in the BBS era. was confused for a second. then realized that I'm just dumb

the very very short period before I was into computers, I was just obsessed with cats.

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my goals in life are just long cat and to be loved.

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I have never experienced stronger cat want before now

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