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While the #MarsHelicopter preps for Flight No. 4, I took a short drive southeast (~28 ft/8.5 m) to a spot where I can check out these cool rocks while still keeping an eye on Ingenuity. Too much good stuff here.

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things discovered on the walk: a random christmas tree decked out in pink decorations near disassembled train tracks, overlooking a busy street. in a geocache: tiny plastic bigfoot

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thank you xbox team for being the only console developers to keep a startup sound. yes I realize how stupid this is but it’s *important*, okay?

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My favourite bit of gamedev lore is the load-bearing jpeg in TF2

:flow: two days off this week :flow:
we're gonna play goldeneye on the n64 and walk

I'm glad rebecca black is still making music. like I'm not personally goin' out of my way to listen to rebecca black on the regular but the fact that she's still at it is awesome

learning languages is scary. you learn for a handful of weeks and suddenly 'yabai' overruns your entire vocabulary

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  ∧ ∧      
 ( ´・ω・)
 /  ⌒ヽ   

:boshi: iya desu iya desu someone dizzy up

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college-doers: what do you use to organize your school life and out-of-class obligations? I want to get a jump-start on organization and try out some different systems before freshman year starts, but I'm not really sure what works best. I've had some fails with organizational software before

uuhgg I’m dumb. 2m repeater was down and I forgot to move to 440 for the net

porter robinson 'nurture' is out. it's good. madeon + porter robinson's music was the first time I discovered new music as a kid and went "okay this speaks to me and it's not just what my mom and dad listened to". 7 years and worth the wait. it's a good morning

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It's probably painfully obvious that I like open source mascots way too much and I'm okay with that. It's fun

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I noticed a while back that the Tor Project did some rebranding, so I got around to doing a funny little character design challenge. I'm actually kinda satisfied with the result.

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