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I need some advice. I want some navigation to these different topics on the bottom of the page, but it looks clunky as it is. Anyone have any tips?

I am really really Really tempted to get the zundamon parka (pic related). I'm not crazy about the neon green stripes/labels, but oh my god look at it... look at it

Over one year later, I attempted to make my voice do that.

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I think I'm going to make a VOICEVOX guide for English speakers.

I keep posting this picture in teams channels I'm in and saying "I'm the guy in the costume" but it isn't working nobody believes me

And so that returns to OLPC. Despite being a piece of junk ultimately, OLPC's machines gave students access to a fully-featured computer, loaded with physics sims, visual programming languages, traditional programming languages, and mesh networking.

I think the DE/software package, Sugar, still exists. It's part of Fedora and is now mostly referred to as "Sugar on a Stick", so basically a live OS that kids can bring to their local library or schools to have fun and experiment. One of the most interesting things about Sugar to me is the way it re-visualizes what a computer looks like for children and the networking that children's computers do. Check out the "my neighborhood" application that visualizes the mesh network of all of the machines connected together using Sugar, where all of the avatars representing users are 'playing' together in digital space.

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