today I learned: the notif count cap on web is 40!! I'm glad so many people liked the Xenia drawing!! holy moly!

I noticed a while back that the Tor Project did some rebranding, so I got around to doing a funny little character design challenge. I'm actually kinda satisfied with the result.

listening to milk crown on sonnetica on repeat

They don't teach you this at school! I'll keep making the same mistakes over and over again until I learn! I'm going to buy the eggs that are cheaper at a different supermarket! I'll raise my antenna and touch, feel, and test every emotion and feeling until I get it right!

it confuses me that people still say vocaloid is dying when you have new people like kanaria blowing up with every release, and old producers like DECO*27 continuing to pull in huge numbers. mafumafu is insanely popular among young people and still writes vocaloid songs and covers vocaloid music. ayase expanded into YOASOBI and yoru ni kakeru has 200 million views or something. there are more smaller producers creating good music than ever. the synthesis technology gets crazier and crazier every year. 2020 had the most active week of vocaloid song uploads in history. the scene has never been more fun! it's awesome!

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