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forgot to post this thing from earlier

part of my long series of illustrations in an attempt to draw every foss mascot

@apt Think I will add this line to all future READMEs of my software projects :xenia:

image description 


techbros be like:
"wait, the hacker community is historically queer?"
[illustration of xenia, the linux fox, looking slightly confused]

@julialuna THANK YOU!! I can't believe I forgot to add a description!

@apt @julialuna i need an explanation here. Linux has a mascot? Really? Never knew that. And its that fox?

@rugk @julialuna The kernel's official mascot is Tux, the penguin. Some people thought the penguin was stupid, though, so alternative mascots were proposed. This fox is one of the mascots that didn't make the cut but people have latched onto in recent years

@rugk @julialuna So not really a mascot, but just for fun

@apt Wait Linux has a fox mascot?? Also this looks so cute!

@samwightt She was a proposed replacement for Tux that has become a popular community icon in recent years!

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