there were so many good dogs at the farmer's market

If I've learned only one thing from the frankly upsettingly long time I've been on the internet, it's that there is nothing more spiritually freeing than realizing you don't need to have an opinion on something.

mh (dumb) 

large dog is now on antidepressants, so the majority of the mammals in this house are now on psychiatric medication

assuming we don't have a mouse I don't know about

("mammals" to exclude the basement spiders and that little garter snake that gets in sometimes)

not to be confused with an elf who has multiple sexual partners 


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an elder scrolls elf who's in more than one intimate relationship 


type of guy who claims to repair things but is impossible to reach

a repair guy if you will

anyways something is wrong with our oven

it's always funny to me when someone posts an image labeled "selfie" but images aren't loading for me so it's just an abstract gradient

like yes, I'm glad to have so many friends who are formless energy beings

I wonder if Dutch people in the US ever get confused by these flags.

like, it was kind of just a bunch of queers hanging out in a park. (and people who support them. and their dogs. and some very small and precious kittens someone brought?) a couple food trucks, some booths for local non-profits and small vendors. no corporations, and the one cop never bothered to leave his car. some drag performances, and drag storytime for the little kids, and periodically someone from a nonprofit would get up in the pavilion and say something nobody could hear. nothing loud enough that you couldn't get away from it if you needed to.

remarkable in its utter unremarkability, I guess. like any other civic event in a park, with the addition of teens wearing pride flags as capes.

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Ok Little Falls Pride is actually kinda great even though they only take up half this park

Jazz is the only real shitposter's medium. You all are hacks

huh, why can't I make a toot with a content warning but no text

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lewd complaining 

Why do people who make gay porn think that "high school jock bully" is the ideal form of man

If I never saw another jock strap again it'd be too soon

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