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real estate redevelopment around here is always like
"we'll buy this building"
"and evict everybody"
and what will you do after that?
"what do you mean, after that"

Some of us were splitting this drink before d&d. Then someone else came in and was like "Is that a fucking 9/11 cider?"

We just got back from seeing Inu-Oh, which is basically Dororo: The Rock Opera in the best way possible

shout out to the dude wearing a floral shirt and smoking a blunt walking about 10 yards ahead of me while I was walking the dog an hour ago

Oh god the ZZT game I made when I was twelve is actually available online. Someone added it to the Museum of ZZT last year. I'm trying to work up the courage to play it, I don't actually remember much about it.


people who buy into the satanic panic are jonkerpilled. like south african conspiracy theorist kobus jonker. anyone? anyone?

Today's xkcd literally happened to me except it was Tupac instead of Green Day

Pop science articles stop glorifying asshole behavior from famous scientists and academics challenge

Yeah, Newton was a dick to everyone! That didn't make him smarter! Imagine what he could have accomplished if he wasn't!

We got my wife's new laptop today but there was a weird stain on the bottom that looked like water or smoke damage we didn't even turn it on and just went and exchanged it. The new one will be here in a few days but it's still annoying

making tacky school motivational posters using internet slang and sending them across the country, to hasten demise of phrases I find annoying

"Living drug-free is based and redpilled!"

if envy is the state of being envious, is obvy the state of being obvious?

nypol, gross 

Cleared out a shelf full of old political crap and found a pin with printed on it. Whatever that used to be, it now redirs to the Wikipedia page on rectal prolapse

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