i gotta find more local conservation-type stuff to do


ok the message was just "set up an appointment" so now i have an appointment for june 8th. A little further out than I wanted but probably the best I could hope for. It gave me her license number and i verified that she is in fact licensed in the state of NY.

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mh advice request 

huh I got assigned someone and they sent me a message already (I'm not reading the message until tomorrow)

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mh advice request 

ok I signed up for talkspace, if i'm making a giant mistake let me know

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mh advice request 

anyone use any of the teletherapy or virtual counseling services? is there one you recommend? (i'm in NY State if that matters)


quirked up fossbro goated with the source


have the energy to do the thing
have the time to do the thing
it's the right weather to do the thing

pick one

auspol, irc 

The wife of this Australian dude I know from IRC a million years ago was running for election in a division in Perth and won, apparently? (Labor, I wouldn't be bringing it up if she was with the Liberals lol)


I can't remember what his handle was, can any of the zzt/mzx people on here jog my memory?

pet health -, gross 

small dog has ass cancer

Specifically he has nodules in one of his anal glands. The vet says it's probably so slow-growing that they don't have to do anything, but if it increases significantly they can just remove the gland. So he's going to be fine, it's just another damn thing to deal with

why, in the year 2022, do i have Chacarron Macarron stuck in my head

ugh i don't want to go to the store for a single crummy screw

Nazis mention, subtoot 

Can we just not post 4chan screenshots

It's like if Mein Kampf had a funny paragraph. I don't care how funny it is, it's not worth bringing it up.

Do any of you upstate nerds want to go to pride in Little Falls next month?

dogs being gross 

we were doing yoga and small dog butt-scooted on my mat 😠

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