the idea of a "sex strike", at least in the way i keep hearing about it on the birdsite, is so weird and gross to me

like how could you have sex with someone at all if you see them as some kind of hostile class to negotiate with like your boss or landlord

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also like. what do you do if you're a lesbian or a gay man. i guess it's straight men specifically who are all in touch with each other and ready to call up the supreme court if they have trouble getting laid

it's just a complete surrender politically, imaging the target as some kind of ephemeral male tendency to predate rather than a political organization full of people with names

@aoife uggggh
I don't get it, like don't the people creating these problems want us to not have sex?
like if you have to go on "strike" from having sex with men because you don't want to get pregnant, if they are not respecting your wishes you shouldn't have sex with them at all but you can have safer sex with people who rspect their boundaries it's actually a rather simple logical thing it's mainly old white men in power so women are taking away the one thing that they enjoy: sex. Seems like a solid way to get forced birthers to get their shit together

@transgirlphoebe @aoife yeah, that makes sense, I'm just gay and wouldn't have sex with those types of people anyway
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