does anyone have tips on writing a resume for someone with basically no experience? i look online and it's like

step 1) list all of your experience

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@aoife they say any relevant educational or life experience can count, so any class or personal project that can be construed as relevant should be listed with some bullets of how it relates.

for me it didn't matter much. it got me some interviews but literally every interviewer's first response was "you didn't take an internship?"

@aoife I used to hire Pages at public libraries. We'd typically get teens where this was their first job.

What I was looking for was *anything* that showed they'd done *something.* If they put on their app or resume "Volunteered for trail cleaning work at Gonadienow Trail," that's fine.

Also, if the candidate has done something they can point to. Sure, it's a Page job. They're putting away books. The link to their GitHub isn't 100% relevant. But it shows they have an interest in something.

@aoife make sure your name and contact information is front and center and at the top, email address, phone number, home address and anything else.

Most places are gonna want your legal name, and for that I've had luck writing KEL LASTNAME in big font at the top, and including my legal name in small print underneath it like, (legal: deadname)

@aoife list where and when you've worked first, and if you haven't worked anywhere yet, list your schooling years and gpa. Below that you can put relevant skills, hobbies, whatever to make you look like a human being.

Also this is maybe just a stylistic thing, but if you can, try to make sure your resume fits on just one or two pages evenly.

@aoife if its above like 3 youre fine if not you just don't have to include it! You could try putting some other achievement you made in school there like "took part in intramural soccer" "served on student council" or whatever

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