concept: magic system based on character traits

for example, maybe stubbornness and grit govern evocation

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someone might like, try to cultivate empathy to do mind reading spells

or develop an earnest interest in physics in order to do flying and water walking type spells

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the ideal wizard isn't necessarily a "better" person than someone who isn't, but is someone who has molded their personality to be someone who affects change, even without the magic

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and ofc, most ppl would specialize based on the temperaments they already have

lots of hot headed battlemages and dork ass transmuters and such

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@dragon i feel like it's a good middle ground between totally abstract and genetically determined systems ;p

@aoife but this has such great opportunities for exploring character development and trauma and lies and forgiveness, recovery, or like dedication aaaaaaaa it'd make for such a good story

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