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homestuck animated series

rose lalonde voiced by tara strong

don't care didn't ask plus your grimoire looks like it could barely function as a paper weight

i may be incredibly smart, creative, and talented, but i will never be a god gamer like this man

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i haven't checked on him in a while and OF COURSE girakacheezer has cleared cosmic ocean

don't care didn't ask plus your protection circle looks like it would crumble under the slightest demonic pressure

hoping the weird knick knack store down the street A) has one and B) wasn't killed by covid

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Aoife "The Body" Pizzapasta, hacker, artist, writer, singer/songwriter, paranormal investigator and two-time governor of massachusetts,

what if were both demon girls and we touch horns

hearing about this delta variant is making me think about how i dealt a lot of pain to you

i leave my house for one day and now there's outer wilds dlc? πŸ‘€

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