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maslow's hierarchy of needs (bottom to top):

-coffee and also money
-goth boyfriend
-#1 egirl status

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30 day song challenge 

1. Song you know all the words to

Justice - Civilization

Helps that it's fairly repetitive ;P

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hey, you're just mad because i'll be able to do something with my fucking guitar hands that you'll never be able to achieve in your entire life kid. so yeah, you're gay. 🎸 🎡

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i saw a thing about posting your top 5 games on steam on twitter but nobody follows me there so i'm posting it here

reply with yours if you're a bad enough dude

i also experimented with making the dialogue have homestruck-style syntax because i thought that was a fun way of adding characterization

dunno if i'll stick with it, i can't figure out if it's annoying or not

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rlm coming in clutch with a new vid just as i'm sitting down to eat

hate it when i can't see because the dirt is up to my eyes

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