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@nightpool Hey, is there any chance I could get an invite for I used to be on and then migrated off to, but that is also getting shut down now. I really liked the glitch interface.

Is creating an uncompressed .zip archive with a graphical tool a hard problem in computer science?

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Sometimes I would like to be able to use linux normally without needing to learn about EFI and GRUB and million different config files and random command line utilities

Why are all the infamous Mexican soap operas in Slovakian voiceover and none in Czech, smh

If LaTeX-typeset PDFs are so professional, why the hell is it always impossible to copy any text from it consistently???

Cool, this LED's package broke, but it's still working. (and it is from a cat owner's mouse)

Wtf, there are tons of Displayport->DVI-dual-link cables on the market, none of which actually support Dual link??

(Goodbye, sweet deal on DVI-only 2560x1600 screen :/)

How the fuck can whoever came up with this error message live with themselves?
This is a fucking pinnacle of user hostility.

Please save me from the eternal suffering and tell me that there is a way to have it work normally and not only in Gnome apps

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Middle-mouse-paste is literally the worst thing about linux.

This video of Björk taking apart a CRT TV and proceeding to poke around inside of it with her fingers gave me super strong anxiety:

Alternative status: Fucked up my sleep over christmas and now I fall asleep at 6 pm and wake up at 3am

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Status: found an old flash in our cupboard, spent embarassingly long time bodging an isolator so that its 200-volt trigger voltage doesn't blow up my camera

Why is it so impossible to get Samba to actually work??

Can we please make it illegal to sell any flash storage without showing a speed benchmark

"Oh, our software supports *both* kinds of storage. Home directory AND removable media"

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Is it obscure corner use-case in 2021 to have your data on separate partition?

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Snap: A packaging system for programs which don't work on files outside user's home directory

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