"Oh, our software supports *both* kinds of storage. Home directory AND removable media"

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Is it obscure corner use-case in 2021 to have your data on separate partition?

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Snap: A packaging system for programs which don't work on files outside user's home directory

I guess I found a way to get my gf into programming...

Is there some file manager for linux that doesn't utterly suck? Nautilus has horrible UI, nemo straight out freezes for minutes on sight of too many images, thunar is awfully featureless, Dolphin only ever works right on KDE (maybe it's time to finally ditch xfce?).

Not that I am sure by anything of this, but didn't they promise to get rid of them in exchange for a promise from the US to protect them from the Russians if they come blasting? And then the US, like, didn't?

Css styles: 0.3 seconds
Text body: 0.2 seconds
Javascript to display animated placeholders to later be replaced by the body text in small chunks: 10 seconds

Someone who's good at webdesign please help me budget this, my website is dying

I really fucking hate that my 3D printer has a both micro-USB device port and Ethernet, and neither can be used to start a print from the PC so I have to swap USB thumb drives around like a caveman

If you like good quality mild conspiracy thriller with kinda anti-climactic ending from the 70's, The Parallax View is pretty good in that regard.

I would like to emphasize that the pin-pitch of the IC is 0.25 mm. Does this get me some serious soldering bragging rights or what

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Me on Tuesday: "Installing OpenWRT on my router was surprisingly painless and almost BFU-friendly, I sure hope it won't turn me into a crazy unreasonable tinkerer"
Me on Wednesday: (after hours of frustration and cursing): "I don't need sleep, I need to solder these two 0.1mm wires to the USB pins of the router SoC"
Me on Thursday night: *having learned about openwrt kernel device tree and currently compiling my own build with USB support hopefully enabled*

I think all browsers do it in windows. In Firefox in Linux you have to enable it in settings (it's called autoscrolling). Same situation in Libreoffice IMO. In gimp, xournal, inkscape it's for dragging view

Lead developer is a developer that writes code so heavy-weighted and slow that it feels like it's made out of lead

Fuck proctored exams, where tf am I supposed to get a native Windows box??

Okay why did no one told me that I could have registered for the vaccine for 3 days now?
I guess it's on me, though, I should probably learn to check news every once in a while.

How do I slap the person who first came with the idea of replacing "View this image" with "Open image in new tab"?

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