through the grapevine i hear about many more people getting sick now than two or three months ago. ICUs are still full, moreso than they were at previous peaks. testing in the usa is expensive and inaccessible, i think the numbers in the media are massively underrepresenting the spread.

tools can be both free software and proprietary at the same time: the github CLI is one such example. VS code is another. these work primarily (or only) with closed, proprietary service platforms.

The basis of our goals is there, it just takes work to reach them.

Maybe even mobile clients. The basis of it all is right there in front of us!

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Gemini clients like Lagrange are nice, but Gemini Proxy's rendering is far nicer.

I should have used MySQL from the beginning, but times like this is how we learn and get better at things!

Have you ever just seen something, did some reading on the topic, and started questioning things other people told you?

is amazing, toxic Linux/*nix groups/communities are not.

One of these days I'm going to do 100 days of code

Any /#FOSS/#FreeSoftware developers who know C out there willing to implement some ideas I have for a free software IRC client? Thanks in advance!

: Which is best for ?

I'm starting over from the beginning with (my personal website). What should I put on the new site? Looking for some and if possible. Thanks in advance for anything you have to offer!

How do people write good lyrics? I always feel like mine are no good whenever I try

I should hard fork the catgirl irc client to add some user-wanted features

subdomains or subdirectories for organizing content?

"The Data Is In — Trigger Warnings Don’t Work"

Very interesting read and raises some thoughts about the fedi CW system even though this research is focused on trigger warnings in academia. Worth the brief read. (In wallabag to avoid paywall.)

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