Project Maricopa (a finally close-to-full-featured content management system) is already off to a great start!

unstyled html pages can be nice, but what about nice software projects you can feel proud about for a nice personal blog, guides, projects, resume, project blog, project documentation, etc? (basically it can do anything you code it to do)

How important should be to a , or the , or that owns it?

I thought was nice until I saw the gitea org for "crimeflare"...

I miss using Windows Server for web/mail/stuff

Current results between both the twitter and mastodon polls:

- Debian: 50%
- FreeBSD: 50%

- Debian: 23%
- FreeBSD: 77%

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[] What should I eventually go with for my personal ? or ?


the CFAA doesn't apply to pigs who steal PII maliciously, it only applies to individuals who download information to share with the media in the public interest.

funny how all of the cyberattacks, things notoriously hard to attribute, are always the fault of US's geopolitical enemies according to US officials

rip 18 days of server uptime due to a crappy script

nevermind that if you storm the apple donut they will call men with 🔫 (no, not squirt guns) to come over and remove you.

I took this photo in the main SF Apple Store. Don't let anyone with valuables try to convince you they are anti-gun. They're only anti-your-gun.

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other instances of apple's excessive wokeness-signalling: they will render your UTF-8 gun emoji as a squirt gun (something entirely different than a gun), because under the newspeak rules if you can't say "gun" in emoji then the concept of gun will become unthinkable and nobody will get shot anymore

Do you even need a personal blog site if you can post articles and stuff to better platforms already?

is it better to try and run your own , or just use an established platform such as ?

Why reject modern and return to any past thing? Why not make something newer/better from what was learned in the past from both the "better" and "modern" things?

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