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@IrisKalmia Oh! Your screen is out of focus so I thought we were looking at the scenery :O

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remember kids, don't wait til you're off the clock to have that anxiety attack. you panic on company time. don't let capitalism win.

@netkitty swap you. am also need pet and snugl right now. :patcat: πŸ’› :patcat: πŸ’› :patcat: πŸ’› :patcat: πŸ’› :patcat: πŸ’› :patcat:

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@IrisKalmia Yus, add me on telegram! I'm @astralsnugs on there.

@IrisKalmia Oh heck yes. Is there a little leadup, or is it just the line?

@AudreyJune Always. I am slowly learning to accept my body, but my partners take such incredible lewd photos and I'm just here like pbbbbbbt, good body shots are impossible

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