We finally have our net connected! this new place has FTTP and I am WEEPING. I have never had internet this fast before in my life.

Selfies, genderfuckery, eye contact 

seflie ec 

Selfie, ec 

D&D, fangirling over my own creations is the DM's way, pics are art of the character 

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tattoo, selfie, ec 

polyamory meme, mild neg 

selfie, no ec, enby mood + 


relationships, selfies ec 

piercings, selfie ec 

selfie ec, python 

I had a bit of cash and some unchecked impulses so I spontaneously went and got my eyebrow repierced! 😍

bruising, bite mark, + 

selfies, eye contact 

elder scrolls online, screenshot 

blood, selfie (no eye contact) 

selfie (no eye contact), lewd, titties 

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