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My BFF Chloe drew me as a human tech who works on robot girls, not domming them or anything, just helping and supporting them? (with herself as the robot girl of course) She's no good at coding but can hack the hardware well enough, and always knows just what to say to help someone feel better. And I'm. I'm so frickin stoked. I love this idea so much. Please look at these amazing fucking doodles. She does other stuff at

@minty_da I've been out of town for a couple of days but I just caught up on how everything went and!! Congratulations!!!! this is so exciting aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Tonight seems to be all about polyamory feelings. Good ones. I'm so grateful I found this lifestyle, and people to share it with. 💛

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twitter? too bitter
book of face? what a disgrace!
tumblr? no nipples, bluh!
fediverse? hell yerse*

*yerse means yes now

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Being poly is cool bc both you and your gorlfrembd can ogle your separate crushes together and it’s no big deal

@inferiorwit This is your friendly reminder that you are cute and good. Thank you for your time.

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I wish masto had an option to apply private nicknames to people. I follow three people with very similar icons and while I can see their @, those are harder for me to differentiate between than just a person's name.

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black denim crop jacket: $35
pin with two women holding hands: $2
jar of pink hair dye: $8
Mastodon client: $3
walking directly into a doorframe while thinking about girls, stubbing your toe so hard you need the first aid kit: priceless

some things money can buy. for everything else, there's Lesbian Disastercard®.

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sorry not sorry but this is my only chance ever to make this shitpost

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Folks who CW Steven Universe spoilers are the real MVPs

And I've not had to mute anyone yet

Thanks <3

sorry not sorry but this is my only chance ever to make this shitpost

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