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My BFF Chloe drew me as a human tech who works on robot girls, not domming them or anything, just helping and supporting them? (with herself as the robot girl of course) She's no good at coding but can hack the hardware well enough, and always knows just what to say to help someone feel better. And I'm. I'm so frickin stoked. I love this idea so much. Please look at these amazing fucking doodles. She does other stuff at

yeah wow I fucked *up* lmao, that's everybody gone

Ah, shoot. I migrated my account and then thought I messed it up, so I undid it and whoops can't do it again for a month. So to anyone who's been messed around by that: sorry!

Hey everyone! With's closing, I'm moving over to Hope to see you there. <3

locked tomb shitpost, nona the ninth spoilers 

Tamsyn Muir, Alecto the Ninth (TBR 2023)

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@TheGibson Hello! I'm looking to find a new home after the close of, and I see the lovely netkitty has moved across. Are you currently accepting more new members?

@netkitty Hello little kitty! How is Do you like it?

Anyone want to recommend an instance to move to now that is shutting down?

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Huh. Looks like is going. Anyone else want to recommend their instance to me?

Huh. Looks like is going. Anyone else want to recommend their instance to me?

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"There's a coyote on the train with us."

I ignored this comment, as I ignored many comments I overheard in public.

Then I realized I was alone.
I looked around to find the mysterious passenger who'd spoken, but I only saw the coyote.

"Was that you announcing yourself," I asked with a tired laugh. I'd been working overtime for no pay.

The canine stared at the 'empty' spot beside me, cowering.

We both scurried off two stations early.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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minecraft mods, looking for a mod 

So there used to be a Minecraft mod that allowed you to become any in game animal, and changed your hitbox to match theirs, looking for a mod that does the same these days (hopefully using fabric)

I'm looking for something like that again

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"It's so small... and round! It could just roll away," whispered the excited young witch, her new frog familiar sitting in her palm, "Will it get bigger?"

"A little," answered her mentor.

"Will it get rounder?"


She could barely keep her excitement inside of herself, but she was twelve and this was a big day. She managed.

"Have you chosen your sphere of influence?"

She nodded, "Frog-healing!"

"A noble path. Walk it with pride."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Hey! You should check out my friend's new book! It's a queer gothic romance and it's only $2USD!

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i've just published a new gothic romance novelette, which you can get for 2 whole US dollars:

also available on

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"We have been summoned to serve you," said the succubus.
"But first we must interrogate you, human," said the incubus.

The human shrugged, "Ok?"

"Do you need: a hug, help with filing taxes, or a pet held for ear-drops?"


"Are you requiring: extra players for a game, help getting figurines painted, or life-drawing models?"

"No, I expected we'd have sex?"

"Oh thank Our Dark Lord."
"Speak for yourself I like painting figurines."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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The centaur shifted his hooves anxiously.

He'd carefully cultivated the bouquet - it had taken over a year to cultivate each bloom.

A few onlookers exchanged knowing smiles - centaur courting bouquets were a bit exotic in these parts.

The clocktower rang and he galloped towards his beloved elven bookseller, closing up shop.

"May I take you on a date, please?"

"We've been married for three years," his husband laughed, accepting the gift.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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welcome to Gay Shame Month! the month where we pick at people who are using identity labels incorrectly, complain about people using outdated or foreign queer culture language, harass the kinksters, and exclude trans and ace/aro people from parades. today's topic: won't someone think of the children? let's all try to talk about s*xuality in a pure and sterile way.

@IrisKalmia Hey, do you still play Fallen London? I've gotten back into it for the first time in years, and am looking some contacts.

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