is mastodon the right place to put the random thoughts that come up with no context in my brain sometimes

guy who watches every movie possible in the japanese dub with english subtitles

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👾 I'm really sorry about your gender, it literally doesn't matter in the framework of autism
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a broken version of linux opengl libraries that doesn't display anything, aka

black mesa

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i didnt know there were so many girls from the island of lesbos but apparently there are and also they seem to really like my selfies
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I grew up with a very optimistic view of the future. Things were looking up. Everything looked like it was going to get better and continue to get better with each step.

Over the last decade or so it has been frustrating to watch every single one of these views, tenants and aspirations for what could be get progressively shattered into tiny pieces. My main hope for the future now is that I'm able to ride out the storm. I have no real power to do anything about this but watch and it HURTS.

It hurts to see all of this suffering. It hurts to see the pain that is going to be needlessly inflicted because some idiots want to control bodily autonomy due to HUMAN FUCKING RIGHTS being a matter of DEBATE. The right to have AGENCY OVER YOUR FUCKING BODY is what is fundamentally being discussed with the Roe v. Wade case.

I cannot bear children, but I benefit from this same kind of legal right to self-determine how I change the body I live in to be more comfortable for me. I'm afraid that my home country attacking bodily autonomy like this will lead to other countries attacking bodily autonomy in the same way.

Will I be allowed to exist in the way I do in the long run? How far will their hate go? Will it become even more logistically difficult to get access to life-saving care? How many friends am I going to lose because of this? How much suffering do those senile fucks really want to inflict on people who have suffered enough?

The US never truly healed from the scar that the confederacy cast across the nation. We just patched it up and put it in a box labeled "don't look here lol". As if that was good enough to box everything away and not think about it. And now here we are in our infinite wisdom making the scars FUCKING DEEPER FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN TO MAKE NUMBER GO UP.

I don't even know anymore. What the fuck is wrong with people. Why can't they leave people be to just fucking exist without hurting anyone. Why Why can't those morons learn what their own religious books say?

Am I being trolled?

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Big advice for new users: It's ok to follow people you've interacted with. Of course, you shouldn't feel the need to follow anyone you're not interested in keeping up with, but being overly conservative with following people for the sake of maintaining some sort of arbitrary ratio won't make you look cool or good in the eyes of the community that's existed here for years.

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the problem with polyamory is that eventually you run out of other people's girlfriends

a review for unscented color bleach. what the fuck?

but that's only the part you see. I have no idea what my gender is anymore???

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you may or may not have seen me switch my profile from she/they to they/them several times

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it is time for my third pronoun crisis

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