im hoping this new power supply and motherboard wasnt bought for nothing... i really want a working computer again

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my motherboard's been half dead for the past week now and sometimes i wish i went consumer intel --__--

i had a one week deadline on this from start to finish, it was sounding so gesaffelstein midway and i slightly scrapped it

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love it when code works and idek why. fuck it it works

ive been consistently working and being lied to about pay for rent and interest in my work since 13 ofc i wanna take a long term break

im only good at one thing and the rest just manages to make enough for rent

im not ignoring you im just having an episode of despair

i just wanna be happy. real real happy.. but there’s too much to do

i just haven’t been feeling good for the past few days and I don’t know what it must be

on the bright side ive never had a gpu as powerful as an RX 5500 XT but unfortunately its not without its future issues and power that begins to crumble when moving beyond 1080p :(

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context: had to get a new gpu rendering the cinema display outdated unless i buy a series of connectors. i miss 1600p

guess i gotta figure out how to take my time

NGL relayed

does any one of the tech nerds on here have a spare laptop they'd be willing to donate? a friend of a friend is a rad, Black activist in Oakland and she's getting laid off and losing her work laptop, which is her only computer right now

She ideally wants something that can handle audio and video editing! DM me if you want more details!

i wish i didnt feel like they dont like me or something and instead just understand that they want my music on something lol

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think i might have gotten something big but i'll see if it carries out

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