i cant believe this but the keyboard got delivered today but not to me some absolute random! im gonna shit my pants

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there is no letting bygones be bygones, but there’s a bridge, and i dont mind burning it

i was only able to took one day off but no one will understand how GOOD it’ll feel tomorrow

i still fuck with tumblr bc its just pictures im interested in and with pictures comes context so i get to learn more about what im interested in exclusively

one way i could think about today is im getting things done in attempt to live healthier but its hard keeping that consistently in my mind

how many more years will i go to sleep feeling this way

caps ordered!! i wanna get a stabilizer for the case but its sold out :(

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took some time but i just finished a song in logic that im 100% proud of and feeling like nothing held me back

NGL relayed

tumblr advertisers have finally figured out that site's main userbase: bottoms

getting these two later this year theyre gonna hit

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david rudnick liked my single announcement on twitter and thats so fkn cool but kinda disappointing cuz the music is from last year 😟

im hoping this new power supply and motherboard wasnt bought for nothing... i really want a working computer again

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my motherboard's been half dead for the past week now and sometimes i wish i went consumer intel --__--

i had a one week deadline on this from start to finish, it was sounding so gesaffelstein midway and i slightly scrapped it

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