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only 90s kids remember manually downloading .debs for bcm43-fwcutter and transferring them using a series of floppy diskettes

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I am lucky my husband understands me so completely and asks the important questions.

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i wrote a working ats program i never thought this day would come

ughh the version of ATS in debian is two years old

(i have no idea if that is likely to be a problem or not)

i like how the compiler's error messages contain filenames from prof xi's computer


and i thought the language was hard to read

i am extremely on board with the sudden influx of ridley fanart recently

sorry if that was too many boosts at once, but, y'know. geckos.

protip: pet a gecko today for a 10x life improvement for the day

@jk @soft_chomps ctrl+k to gently kis the top of gecko head to show you love them

@puppy @soft_chomps
easy-to-remember keyboard shortcut mnemonics:

ctrl-G activate Gecko
ctrl-E activate gEcko
ctrl-C activate geCko
ctrl-A Activate gecko
ctrl-L activate a Lovely gecko
ctrl-X activate that eXtremely nice gecko
ctrl-~ activate a gecko whos ~cute~

Realized my friend's dog who was scared of men was never afraid of me. I imagine this to have been her the whole time. redd.it/8rncq1