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🐧 Interrupt Handler 🐧 @amongoose@cybre.space

reminder that TERF stands for trans exclusionary reactionary fuckwit because there's nothing radical or feminist about being a transphobe

Someone mentioned wanting a @ dogs account like @cats, does anyone know of one or want to start/run dogs@kitty.town?

I feel so much more empathy on days I use Mastodon a lot

@vantablack Did I miss something while eating dinner? What happened?

#mastoart #art #latinx

Hey y'all if you aren't already follow @monarobot for her gorgeous Maya inspired work! It'll blow your art brain😍

Hey there! If you have a Pebble watch and wish you could keep using it even though all services have been shut down, fret not!!!! Rebble is a free software reimplementation of Pebble web services and firmware! They're still working on full feature parity but I finally just made a Rebble account, got switched over, and installed a new firmware update all in about 2 minutes! I'm now browsing the watchface and app stores no problem!

Check out the project at rebble.io

@denidimochka @vantablack β€œSocialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” ― Ronald Wright, β€œA Short History of Progress”

It just occurred to me TODAY that I can just zoom out to 80% on this page to view all my columns without scrolling side-to-side! I could've been doing this the whole time!n I have a tiny 11" screen and thought I was gonna have to wait until I have a larger, higher resolution, laptop to improve my experience.

I love that so many masto instances have a user-proliferated culture of positivity and kindness :))) Interacting with lovely people makes my day!

Remember that time someone at EA left an episode of South Park in a Tiger Woods game? I'm sure if you datamine all 900 gigabytes of Destiny 2 or whatever it probably has every NES rom in there SOMEwhere. Why not? Get some bulk microsd cards and tape every NES rom onto random poles and bulletin boards in your neighborhood. Post youtube videos where you blink the code for Super Mario Brothers in binary. Just go nuts

My Windows 7 work laptop has 64 GB of ram and 8 cores. I don't know how many times it freezes up when I am not even using half of that. Meanwhile, my dad's Linux Mint 17.3 machine with 2GB of ram and 2 cores is sometimes slow, but it never freezes. Also, it never randomly updates during startup taking an entire hour to boot up. How could Windows be this much of a screw up, yet still be considered an OS for professionals?

I was DISTINCTLY TOLD, in the 1990s, that if we put computers into all the things it would make us all super-smart and super-sexy and super-kind and we would all live in houses made of translucent plastic and acid dance and rainforests and we would specifically NOT become a society of giant raging dumbass jerks selling fake nutritional supplements to Nazis.

There were RECEIPTS. Money changed HANDS.

I wish to complain to the MANAGEMENT.

Okay. I've been toying with my setup more (kinda had to for product demos) but I think I wanna do some F/OSS web software reviews.

Things like:
_ you submit a project_

Then I do a set of videos of the following:
_ setting it up on my system
_ using it for primary purposes
_ attempting to use it without reading docs (then with!)
_ review to see if it lived up to expectations set out.

"electron is so great" the programmer said, as my 32GB desktop went into swap due to a music player and 4 chat apps written in electron consuming all of my memory.

I'm not for the equation of name calling (at worst, damaging of feelings) to slur usage (a historical case of phrases tooled with intent to not only harm but discredit, disadvantage and DEHUMANIZE people).

We really living in an era where people just cherry pick history and facts for their leisure. Despite having the whole ass Internet in front of us.