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Update: Runescape through playonlinux did not work out of the box, maybe needs some configuration, and the unofficial linux port of the windows client also seems to crash. Not sure where to go from here :(((

Whelp, Runescape is still crashing. Guess I'll try the windows version with playonlinux instead. Wish me luck!

I followed the instructions on the Runescape site exactly. It added the repo to my computer's software sources and installed the client. But for some reason it only shows "runescape" is installed, not "runescape-launcher" which fails to install when I try. It says it cannot install a dependency. I'm checking other forums now to see if I can resolve this. Thanks for your help!

So I've been enjoying Runescape so far over the last 24 hours, but the client keeps crashing on me :( Any other Linux users having this issue?

I'm using the official linux client from their repository on Xubuntu 18.04, running on a mid 2012 macbook air with 4GB memory and a 2GHz dual core i7.

Trying to convince myself it's not weird to find a new account that seems interesting and scroll through their timeline favoriting things. I always wonder if the other person thinks it's weird that their toot from a while back gets favorited out of nowhere by an account they don't know.

I prefer the recorded album to live concerts because the music has (usually) been altered, tweaked, and fixed to be the best it can be for the recording, while a live performance can have any number of things go wrong.

Also there are a lot of people at concerts, and that sucks.

Did I miss something? I'm seeing accounts now with tabular information on their profiles below the bio. New feature?

I already got a bunch of friends and family to join Signal before, I feel bad asking them to move to Riot just cuz I think it might be better lol

Anybody here use I'm still not sure I totally understand how it works, but it seems really cool and like a good replacement for Signal.

Build a blanket fort. Seriously. Oh, and do not bring your phone into it.

libraries are such an important space

not only for free information, but especially for at risk populations and homeless populations

they offer free or very cheap internet access (which allows for finding resoucres, job applications, etc), free access to information, bathrooms, often places have refreshments for relatively cheap as well, etc. etc.

wanting to make public libraries obsolete is classist and just an incorrect viewpoint tbh

Whelp, migrated from GitHub to GitLab. I considered running my own git server, but I can't run one out of my house. So rather than rent a server online to self host, I feel comfortable enough letting GitLab host it for me at no cost. They are open source after all, and so are all my repos. What's the harm I guess? The only disadvantage I can see so far is centralization, but I'm just happy to get away from Microsoft right now.

tech bros on twitter arguing against libraries in favour of "spotify for books" because authors/publishers (or rather VC investors) can't use libraries as their primary source of profit is just a perfect example of silicon valley's willful ignorance or complete contempt for the ideas of public service and the commons.

rather than everybody creating a public space and sharing resources they'd have us all completely separated and paying countless times over for the same thing.

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Now that the California Senate voted to protect #NetNeutrality, it's on to the Assembly. Californians, write your assemblymember and tell them to vote "yes" on S.B. 822

Twitter was not bad because "hashtags this" or "trends that". Twitter was bad because:

1. Centralized.
2. They forced you to ID yourself with a phone number.
3. They hand your data to third party companies.
4. Most governments were using it to ID people saying bad things about them.
5. Ads and corporative campaigns.