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! As much as I like to complain about its bugs, the community has been very hard at work on fixing things and there is also a ton of work on a new rendering backend that promises to be the fastest among the mainstream pack. Tbh it's still my favourite browser by far.
(picdesc: screenshot of a page rendered by the servo engine)

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home wants you to know that she "takes your privacy very seriously" 

this is what Google/Facebook spokespeople sound like

Videogames don’t cause violence. Lag does.

i get distracted halfway through reading articles a lot (usually by social media, which will link to more articles) so sometimes ill just end up with like 5 tabs in a row that are half-read and i'll have to unwind the stack by finishing them in reverse order

Sweatpants are basically just wearable snuggles for your legs


two months ago at youtube HQ

jim: "maybe, when you mouse over a video, it should play a small clip. it makes the page more engaging"

bill: "wow jim, that's a great idea! how'd you come up with that?"

jim: "i... uhh idk ... 😳 uhhh IT CAME TO ME IN A DREAM STOP INTERROGATING ME BILL"

OKAY I have a new rule.

I can watch an episode of TV if:

- I am making a comic at the same time;
- I reply to ONE email per episode in advance, or;
- I happen to be eating a meal at the same time.

The grass is greener on the other side? 

Have you flipped grass over? It's brown, full of dirt…

Don't set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

Everyone you meet knows something you don't 

but sometimes it's about who won in wrestling or the lastest drama in reality TV and it isn't worth it.

hey cybrefolks, we're moving servers tonight -- hopefully downtime on cybre-main should be close to zero but some of the secondary services ( for example) might be down for a bit longer.

hang in there and we should have everything back up by the end of the night!

Frankly I find hot drinks to be an abomination in and of themselves. Why would you drink something that's hot??? It defeats the entire purpose.

In other news, moved in to my new apartment! Excited to have A Place To Myself instead of crashing someone's spare bedroom.

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