let's all spread positivity and say nice things to one another bc the world is shit and we need to offset that :blobcatheart:

Now we can call it rain.

Now we wait and see if the city stops.

gender neutral terms to call ur friends:

It's mostly raining. I mean, there's some water falling from the sky.

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i can sympathise with pluto. both of us have had our title stripped away when it was discovered that we weren't thicc enough

@paonachapa Quarenta anos. Os meus mal chegaram a 16.

Tudo bem. Teu segredo esta a salvo comigo.

@cuttlefish There was this place nearby that sold that dessert pizza.

It came with a scoop of ice cream.

@cuttlefish I once had pizza with peaches, bananas and chocolate.

Understand my words with full knowledge and reverence for my connection to the void.

My data is not yours to own.

You came here and asked to sell us things, then tracked us with the things you sold us.

You came here and begged for trust, which many gave you, then betrayed it by selling our secrets.

Then you took away our nation.

My data is not yours to own.

@Aleums Weird. I try to write thst word, and the spell checker suggests "posadism."

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