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I suppose you have read me talking about how absurd my life is. Come in, stay a while and listen to two tales of the absurd, from the end of the world.


I'm still 13. I can't fill a fucking fountain pen w/o staining my fingers.

uspol, Floyd protest, unions (+) 

Chilean spanish is somewhat of a weird beast, but the thing I like the most is "carabinero" is pronounced [,pa.ko.ku.'lja.o]

yes i do believe in peaceful protests. like when haiti peacefully protested france and earned their freedom. or when the united states peacefully protested england and earned their freedom. or when the mexicans peacefully protested spain and earned their freedom. or whe

¿Con qué nos vamos a castigar hoy, compadre?

De-googling your website analytics. 

Whenever someone wants christian tradition, I tell them "Penitenziagite."


hegel improved on marx's theory of diamechtics by giving it synthesis-class shoulder-mounted rocket pods

Kids often don't want to do something, protest that won't even try and then end up having a blast.
Adults are no different. Let yourself enjoy. ❤️

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