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I suppose you have read me talking about how absurd my life is. Come in, stay a while and listen to two tales of the absurd, from the end of the world.

Nobody does it better.

Really, nobody does.

Ontem, um amigo brasileiro comentou que "no Chile, todos tem vacina garantida".

Se faça um favor, e não acredite nisso.

1) Não sabemos os termos que o nosso querido presidente de braços curtos aceitou de cada laboratório.

2) Não sabemos quando as vacinas vão chegar ou, pior, quando vão ser aplicadas.

I'm butthurt.

I mean, I've been sitting on this heccin' chair for a year.

Why do I feel I've been sitting in the same place all year?

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I did wake up to the smell of something burning.

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He was a 90 kg projectile, she had a counterweight
Can I make it any more obvious?
He was a stone, she had an effective range of 300 meters
What more can I say?

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"Count of Monte Cristo" is just French for "Earl of Sandwich."

Y la vieja culiá todavía no se muere...

Today: "Huh‽, I usually don't use this much memory."

As it happens, for reason unknown, I had four different emacs instances running.

One never comes out of the software mines...

At least I got to play Super Mario World.

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