HoTT take: for when you need something that makes even less sense than CatTheo.

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subpost re anti-vaxxers 

hahahah fuck off anti-vaxxers

A couple of months ago, I bought a trackball, because it's easier on my wrist.

I've come to a realisation hard: it is the worst of both worlds. It is optical, but I still have to clean the heccing ball as well.


Bueno, igual...

Creo que es válido suponer que la gente que votó por la convención, que votó por armar toda la convención con voto popular, por tener cupos reservados para pueblos sin representación, por tener cupos paritarios, y que finalmente eligió una cantidad de convencionales de derecha menor que lo necesario para completar el cuórum... Que toda esa gente simplemente no lee el mercurio.

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Still not under the table.

Home alone, watching horror flicks with the doggos.

This is my life now.

Either a supermarket was robbed, or someone decided to do some illegal races down the main street.

Great. My earphones fell right into the pot I was cooking pasta with.

Not only they fell in boiling water, but in starchy boiling water.

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Unya mattinya mi son svegwiato,
o bewwa ciao, bewwa ciao, bewwa ciao ciao ciao (・`ω´・)
Unya mattinya mi son svegwiato
e ho twovato w'invasow.

I'll start my workshop on "how to hate programming languages with style or die trying"

¿Empecemos con el juego?

Un trago cada vez que alguien diga "Emblemático" en la radio. El vaso al seco si dicen "la fiesta de la democracia".

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