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The codemonkey, and its counterpart, the Q&Ape.

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I will stop using 'foo', 'bar', and 'baz' as metasyntactic variables. I will use 'plunct', 'plact' and 'zum'.

reasons my compute doesn't shut down

❎ systemd

☑ linux going like heyyyyyy firmware pretty pls shut down the compute okay? but the firmware says: no

remembering the time i generated and submitted 8 megabytes of brainfuck because the professor said the assignment could be written in any language

Final pics from the #Glasgow #ClimateStrike march. I took these first, before the march had started. I just like the way the green flag looks in the sunshine.
The flag is that of the Scottish Green Party.

What be a pirate's favorite letter? Show more

Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

James: And make it double!

Bartender: Here you go: Two "for trouble"s on the rocks.

You, a dumbass: Cars made horses obsolete.

Me, a philosopher: Then why is horse semen more expensive than a car, pound for pound?

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Confession time: any time I try to interact with a website and have to solve a reCAPTCHA first, I assume the site is maintained by sociopathic morons and it permanently taints my perception of it.

The Diner of Theseus:
Open 24/7 but the staff have rotating shifts. It has never closed even for the holidays, but no member of the original opening crew remained at this location. Is it still the opening crew?

The icecream machine has broken down so frequently that every part has been replaced.

It’s pretty popular and there have been guests inside the whole time.

The co-founders quit and were replaced.

The name changes annually, just a letter or two at a time.

"but what about all the *good* things RMS did???"

name literally one thing he ever did that couldn't have been done equally well or better by a million other people who aren't massive dirtbags

Masculine: Master
Feminine: Mistress
Neutral: Mattress

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us Show more

Library-oriented programming: don't write code to solve a problem already solved by some (probably 20+ MB) external library

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