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I might have never explained why the "tales from the end of the world" bit in my bio.

The place I live in used to be called land's end (no *that* land's end).

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Everyone seems to be good at things and have many interests.

I like languages (in general) and rewriting systems. A mutt taking care of two cute dogs. I peddle data for a living (yes, I've got a lil' basket and all)

I guess that's my

Amanhã recomeço.

Crap. I lost my ring-binding consumables.

I guess I should wash my worksona off.

Moththem relayed

rest in peace :cybre:

loved this animals,, :dragnsad:

I just finished a call and my phone showed me the dialog for sending an sms explaining the reason for your call.

I guess my phone is trying to tell me something...

What are boxes if not masks for space?

It looks horrible, but I guess she won't care.

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I'm such an adult. I was mending my Bruselas' bed.

Up until my headphones decide to just not work.

Well, there's my problem.

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Help, I'm trapped in this software factory.

I guess I should do some writeups on the crap I'm about to delve into.

Is anybody interested in Predicate Transformer semantics?

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