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Everyone seems to be good at things and have many interests.

I like languages (in general) and rewriting systems. A mutt taking care of two cute dogs. I peddle data for a living (yes, I've got a lil' basket and all)

I guess that's my

Amanhã recomeço.

This is what happens when you take a nap at 20:00.

What's one supposed to do when nobody gives a crap about bitrot where one works?

He's about to put me through some procedure.

There might be some fog involved, somehow.

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Things I really like: spending the whole friday on an ER.

Here am I, unable to move, pondering my life. Suddenly, Brócoli jumps on my back.

Yeah, boss. I'm not working, I just broke.

I still don't understand why I like Subnautica.

Even when once a week it fucking fails on me.

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technologies which don't at all sound like someone's kink 

constraint satisfaction
petname systems
type coercion
propagator models

I must add, it was a spanish-náhuatl dictionary.

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Did I ever tell you my most funny and favourite purchase ever was a náhuatl dictionary, used, at a store in Rio de Janeiro?

It'll be fine. Perhaps I'll get my prescription filled tomorrow.

What could go wrong?

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