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I suppose you have read me talking about how absurd my life is. Come in, stay a while and listen to two tales of the absurd, from the end of the world.

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Please help me survive, I beg of you now more than ever: 

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Received today an original art from @olivia ! ❤️
Probably, after finishing my workbench, one of my first woodworking projects will be a nice frame for this art .



I sliced a bit of my finger off. That's some value of clumsiness.

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considering that "white history" is a kind of mythic past, a fiction told to white people to make them feel better about themselves

white nationalists are a sort of "fictionkin" in this essay i will

I'm become tire, the destroyer of workdays.

It is really priceless when the client asks a few questions to that coworker you can't stand, which translate to "you do know you're full of shit?"

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Si alguien intenta hacer un nacionalismo porque cayeron casas en San Juan dp de un terremoto 6.8, y acá usualmente eso no pasa, díganles que el de allá fue súper poco profundo -- que hubiera sido lo mismo que uno de magnitud similar, cerca de la falla de San Ramón.

Lo comento porque he visto idiotas de esos.

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writing "sci hug" instead because you're so severely touch starved that you're making finger typing errors
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- Want to listen a UDP joke?
- Yes
- udp here joke is your
- i didn't get it
- i don't care

Enquanto os homens exercem seus podres poderes
Índios e padres e bichas, negros e mulheres
E adolescentes fazem o carnaval

Quem merda traduz "romaria" como "pilgrimage"?

Full summer and I'm still with allergies.

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