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I suppose you have read me talking about how absurd my life is. Come in, stay a while and listen to two tales of the absurd, from the end of the world.

how to use vim:

1. load it the fuck up with extensions

2. clean up config, remove most extensions, go back to a nice, simple, fast vim experience

3. load it the fuck up with extensions

"why don't you just use a linux distro where stuff actually works the way it's supposed to" idk stockholm syndrome i guess

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The Legend of Zelda: Link in The Description

(from the archives)

This is Set, the Egyptian god of chaos and trickery.

Notice the staff he’s holding.

Notice how the bottom part of it is actually a fondue fork.

This is a FONDUE SET.

@pyxis :souls_a::souls_r::souls_e:​ ​:souls_y::souls_o::souls_u:
:souls_g::souls_o::souls_i::souls_n::souls_g:​ ​:souls_t::souls_o:

-remember, daughter: destroy authority, not the planet.
-yes, mom.

I fascisti vivono soli; le altre persone, "gli altri", per loro non esistono.

global warming is when the earth, which used to be flat but is getting bent into a sphere by the 5g, heats up like when you bend sheet metal or a wire coat hanger



liberals: anarchists are violent and want chaos

ancoms: no, in fact we want order and equality...

me, an anarchist with a soft spot for illegalism

i apologize for the pun i am about to type 

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