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There are absolutely amazing amounts of things I do not understand.

Not sure how an entire floor of developers consistently fails to make a pot of coffee ever.

I know they probably shouldn’t be in glass jars but this is too cute.

This is why we started driving to PAX instead of taking the train.

I deserve a bagel today. (And every day, let’s be honest.)

Octopath Traveller 

Two downsides to the whole thing though:

Spotty suggested level system. Multiple times I was like “ok cool let’s do this” with my party at level for Tressa’s story and I just got swatted like flies.

Related, keeping everyone up to date for their story was a pain. For the *most* part you could power through with 3 of your A team and 1 carry, but there was one spot in Therion’s chapter 4 which required a certain level to be able to pickpocket key items! (Unless you save-scum an 8% chance)

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Octopath Traveller 

I finished Octopath over the weekend and it’s been a while since I sunk about 90 hours into a game. Overall I liked it a lot! I think there’s a few points worth calling out:

* It’s an anthology JRPG, think of it as 8 short stories.
* Tressa is the best girl, and the real prize was the friends she made along the way.
* Olberic is a snoozefest manstory.
* Seriously H’aanit and Ophilia need to hook up.

Despite the gimmicky looks, the visuals and combat held my interest until the end!

Do I know anyone with iOS 12 and AirPods? I’m super interested in how Live Listen works, because if I can focus my hearing down to what’s nearby it might actually enable me to do things like go to a bar.

Update: once I actually made some I forgot to drink it and now it’s cold.

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It’s been a looooong week I brewed a carafe of hot water by forgetting to put the coffee in the machine.

Turned on transaction push notifications for my credit union and it’s super useful aside from not telling me merchant name. 🙃

Hot tip: get some Andes mints and have them after your canned soup for a true white-tablecloth experience.

I will buy almost any game at all for a second time if you put it on Switch.

There are absolutely amazing amounts of things I do not understand.

Jacking in, hello! I was @allison but now I am making a home here because I saw pings coming from folks I trust.

Please enjoy this cybre shiba.


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