PSA: Together, CH751 and C415A keys open half the indoor locks in America. Buy one of each, put em on your keyring. Definitely do not use them to break into bathrooms in places that require you to buy something. That would be illegal 😊

mods are asleep

kiss their foreheads and wish them sweet dreams

y’all ever just unapologetically enjoy your interests to flex on cringe culture

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broke: leaving tumblr, posting your content on a less hostile platform
woke: perturbing your porn using gradient descent to minimize the NSFW score per

Person: I do not understand the concept of lesbian erasure

NASA: we will send a spaceship staffed only with women so no sex occurs during the trip

Person: I have now both fully understood and accepted the relevance this concept has in contemporary society

[doctor voice] i'm so sorry. your child... is a gamer

okay, cuties, I gotta sleeps, sweet dreams to allayas

Merlwising Melconal
"Masters of modern sweater-vests for dogs."

@netkitty *goes to investigate*
*soon there are two smol noses peeking out from under the blanket*
*the purring grows*

*a smol nose and tiny whiskers peek from under a blanket*
*very quiet purring*

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