Google has started signing people in to Chrome without asking if they sign in to any google site like gmail or YouTube.

That leaves you one click away from uploading all your browsing data to Google.


It is claimed Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word sci-fi story that could make people smile for a bet. The wager was ten dollars, which Hemingway won with the following: Show more

if you have a snoot thaz needs booping press show more Show more

Protip: no organisation that actually values your privacy will have a popup that says β€œwe value your privacy” on their web site.


devil may cry is about a devil who may cry, your goal is to figure out if it will or not

@seagazelle @Jewbacchus this country was founded on a strong protestant work ethic and that's why it sucks ass!!!

I think back to this asswolf classic a lot, honestly

*ears perk up upon seeing you close by* AWOO! πŸ’š

fat stigma kills Show more

@bootsy im imagining an employee rushing up, apologizing, and briefly smiling at the door to open it so someone can leave

how to make all your customers hate you

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