after seeing gay pride flags, straight pride flags and everything in between i made a flag for guys like me, guys that are only attracted to my wife of 25 years, Debra. please do not use this. I'm sure my wife would be flattered but I would not be happy

Gettin p tired of seeing un-cw'd lewd shitposts.
If it's a joke you wouldn't make around a child, I assuer you there is a full grown adult out there that would like the option not to fucking see it.

There's graffiti in one of the bathroom stalls here that originally read "Fuck [place of work]" but someone saw fit to change it to say "Buick" instead?? I've been thinking about this for months and it haunts me tbh

inventing a laser that generates circularly polarized light just to annoy the "laser rifle" pedants

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Sorry sweetie, Lightning McQueen and Sonic fuck, and they HATE guns. Facts dont care about your feelings

the end credits rap that describes the plot of the movie is truly a lost art

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An SCP alternate universe where the foundation is chronically underfunded and needs to find creative ways of saving money

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