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Your Friend Alice

cats loaf with their paws tucked under them because it is very important to have warm feets :3


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me: ugh what the fuck. i just got a electric shock off that garbage old IBM of yours

you: ahhh shes an old girl. she'll bitecha! she's a Fighty One, Fighty

Hey if anyone wants to help support a disabled trans musician I would appreciate giving my Patreon a look, or even just dropping some change on PayPal

I can't be employed so this is pretty much my only option as far as money goes

Boosts also encouraged~

:cybre_glitch: cybrespace registrations :cybre_glitch: Show more

It's just... why the open bsd devs actually follows me

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@somarasu @guerrillarain @shoutcacophony Satan doesn’t whisper ‘do my laundry’ he whispers ‘do your laundry’

that awkward moment when you're trying to bring people away from Satan and towards Jesus but it backfires 💀 💀

« This program won at Tic-Tac-Toe by figuring out how to remotely crash its opponents' computers, causing them to forfeit. »

— Retweet

Why capitalism cannot be “ethical” Show more

awareness, lewd-adjacent, shoplifting, political I guess