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Your Friend Alice

fun fact baby capybaras are literally just tiny capybaras

as they famously say: "its not the volts that kill u. its the watts and also whereabouts they are flowing, which u cant really know since the electricity does that fractal tree nonsense as it goes through parts of you that randomly have more or less amounts of salt in". thats the famous quote. pithy


"computer. run toilet protocols"

there is a flushing sound. you no longer need the toilet. you do not question how. you leave.

in the future youll go to a public restroom and youll open up the cubicle and instead of a toilet therell just be a computer

its good to be told ive got potential hHAHAHa ahahaa hehehe . .... ... . hah seriously though what the fuck, im scared to touch anythin now

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hackers (1995) is a movie about queer people which has no idea it is about queer people

i dont really like this recent thing of calling lgbt people "LGBTs" like it makes me feel like a sandwich

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*mews into a box*
*closes box carefully*
it is an emergency backup mew!
don't open it unless it's an emergency!!

netcat - tool to read/write data across network connections
@netkitty - cat for petting across network connections

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