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might've figured it out

i am vivienne
i like the colour black
i also like flags that are black
i also like girls who wear black

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im just gonna start reverting all my passwords to what i was doing before because this application is a ridiculous hell

thanks lastpass for locking me out of my things (4) times

whats that thing that people use to announce their move to another instance, sending a message to all followers? i cant find it

if you were to say body is an extension of the mind instead of the other way round, i guess it kinda half answers it, and i experience things where i am just because of where my parents lived

but that still leaves out why theres a sense of me being me instead of someone else being me or me being someone else

why do we experience things with a specific body or mind, like what happened to make it that i see things with these eyes, and why is it me who sees them
i've not been able to figure this out since i've started thinking about it like eight years ago

Lmao apple users how's it going over there with that expensive ass status symbol

"i just hate how they flaunt it so much..."
haha screw u everything is gay now and there's nothing you can do

does anyone know how to make japanese IMEs on linux work correctly in Anki? i can't switch to mozc or anthy in an Anki textbox

i've tried ibus, scim, and fcitx and they all work *perfectly*, including in other qt applications, just not anki.

also tried both Anki 2.1 and 2.0

lmao and we have the drill that was scheduled today in thirty minutes

four fire, two police, three paramedic is my accurate count i think

one of the seniors misused pepper spray in the hallway, now a bunch of kida are having breathing problems, the buildings been evacuated; four fire vehicles, an ambulance, and a police car is outside

been super confusing since this was supposed to be our drill week aswell

oh boy LITE just got added to the Chon show i'm seeing in december, Pretty pleased about that

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