its so cool how we live in 2022 and lots of people have non-stick frying pans in their kitchens, except they're basically evil and if you accidentally scratch them you Die

animal death 

@AgathaSorceress oh yea and if u cook with windows closed and own a pet bird they will just fucking fall over dead 👍

animal death 

@maia @AgathaSorceress Please dont push your pan temperature that high

animal death 

@maia @AgathaSorceress like this only happens if you go above 300°F/150°C and like, if you're cooking that high you have like 3 other problems including "the pan is on fire"

@maia @AgathaSorceress like as a rule you shouldn't put a non-stick frying pan in the oven, but even if you did, 90% of your cooking should be done at *least* 100°F _below_ the temperature required to create teflon byproducts. the oil in the pan is smoking and killing you long before the teflon is

@maia @AgathaSorceress the main risk is scratching the pan, but you should be using silicone tipped spatulas on cast iron pans too, because you don't want to scratch up the non-stick surface iron

metal spatulas are evil and please never use steel wool on ur frying pans ;-;


@maia @AgathaSorceress sorry if any of this came across as mean !

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