Wanted to do a 5 minute experiment with an unfamiliar API and was so absolutely and immediately beset by problems with codesigning, library compatibility with multiple architectures, auth tokens, and other environment setup things that I gave up before I even got to the first line of actual code.

Maybe I just got too old. None of this is fun any more.


@stevenf (Have you tried Python's Requests library, it's extremely lovely for this sort of work with both getting up and running, and with maintaining existing work later on)

@stevenf Asking because you also in the comments mention difficulty with experimentation and, I get and had that. For me part of that is mindset (seeing the 1000 steps before taking the first one is demotivating, as is a pressure to "do things properly" even when something is a literal toy), the other was tooling, and moving away from minimalist "tiny static software" like C/Whatever -- realising those ideological hangups got in the way and the only thing that actually matters in software is getting something made, otherwise it's vapourware and drawings on a page

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