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The Lisp tokenizer works and it is 83 bytes


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Things learned from the rat tickling certification:

- rats make 22khz noises when sad and 55khz trills when happy

- rats initially think stroking is a negative thing, stroking rats is less effective than tickling

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I've thought about this before but Obsidian and similar tools cannot be used under the context that text or digital documentation is triumphant of them all. There will always be a significance to handwritten methods, sensory tactile methods, that have no bearing on the flattening of a digital markdown file as a proxy for a fraction of those thoughts.

And that's okay. Computers are tools. They're not supposed to be able to replace what we experience.

It's ok that I can't perfectly transcribe my voice memos to capture every breath or murmur or incoherent grammar

They can stay voice notes. That's ok.

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idk if i should schedule another good wife watch w my friend or just wait for a day lol

it's like a water cooler but you open the valve and it just shits out into your cup

but sometimes the shit is chocolate milk

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fediverse is made of farts. and i think thats beautiful


sure, the first one is death of the old, and the second one is death of preconceptions, but whats the THIRD one??!?!?

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a troll tarot app that has a 1/5 chance of just giving you death three times lmao

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"dont take it literally, death has many meanings"

idk man it seems pretty clear to me !

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tonight I realized that the weird, awkward, fully-exposed, fully-dynamic desktop OS that smalltalk was integrated into (or mired in) is structurally the same thing as what emacs is to its elisp.

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this morning I realized that it would be relatively easy to build a thin interpreter for smalltalk on top of ruby, because their view of the world is so fundamentally the same

what you’d end up with is everything that gnu-smalltalk was trying to do β€” get the language and object model of smalltalk without the desktop environment welded to it β€” but, y’know… workable.

interface design is sucky to do nice with the way i would like, maybe. maybe it's a good fit for python huh

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You know

I've had designs for a speech engine for ages. And it's critical to both my nsfw game idea and my realised city idea

literally had a tension headache. maybe soon my blood pressure wil be so high i get to ER. inhope not lol

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