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maybe im actually problematic for not having enough self control to regulate my use of social media

if i were Sisyphus, i'd simply make a deal with god, and get him to swap our places.

are we doing mastodon takes again? It's Fine, Actually

rode my bike across a lot of ice this morning and didn't eat it which is a new personal best for me

everyone in my class was guzzling down Bad Take Juice apparently

some of you all i simply do not know about. others of you all are good. still others of you all are blocked. and so it is here on earth

hey guys. it's my birthday. i don't want boosts. just watch this.

on all levels except physical, the BOYS are back in town

so. here's The Official Post. i made a 8 minute "video" "essay" about a coup in one of the weird leftbook groups. also this is the first episode of a new series im starting called VERY ONLINE

american liberals 🤝 american right wingers

attempting to overthrow democratically elected governments of foreign countries

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