im gna log off for a while
my wire username is in my bio
bye friends

@tibius hmmm true, maybe just "bigot" then
terf implies radical feminism and the person in question does not appear to be a feminist, or radical

there's a difference between TERFs and transphobes and tbh "transphobe" doesnt get used enough imo

did you know when you log off your avi plays a cute animation where it goes to bed, it's true try logging off

@stadion basically just saying that ppl should also say their invisible disabilities because thats apparently the same as saying yr pronouns

@bryan @hector sorry i thought we were building a better world

the s in "the cool s" stands for sleepy

@hector @stadion @bryan disabilities aren't something you would need to know to be able to talk to/about someone in everyday conversation though... unlike pronouns

@tibius interesting concept, u should try it and keep me posted >:)

@endlesscomfort @nonphatic emotional exhaustion is counteracting the caffeine tonite

@nonphatic i should be jacked rn... i had mate and coffee and espresso all after 12pm

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