@selontheweb sorry didn't mean to blow up your spot on line..

sittin on the bus next to a mysterious stain

say what you will about bauhaus but their david bowie covers suck

"E Pluribus Homo Replyus Unum"

-"Out of many reply guys, one."

every day is another opportunity to brand yourself and your favorite nation state

*extremely dude from bauhaus voice* WANT BREAD WANT BREAD WANT BREAD

reminder that i am mostly tooting from my animal.church account now @alex

when the train conductor said on the overhead, “mmphawmma phmwa, phmfwamammamaa wampha wampha. Thank you.” I felt that.

@jordyd jorty accept my animal church follow request challenge

Ima get my dick sucked clean off my body this weekend Hell no im not registered to vote

yeah im NONBINARY but i still use the MENS ROOM because i dont feel LEGITIMATE ENOUGH for gender neutral restrooms

Look, if you’re not on the blockchain in 2019, you’re nobody.

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