i use all of the air in my lungs to cheer when a tv program cuts off a commercial, as if it were ever on purpose

someone who i think of as very cool expressed that they think i am cool today and i cant stop thinking about it

I could destroy Phineas with my bare hands but Ferb? God help me

it's a bee with teeth. teeth bees. why do they got those teeth? for biting. what are they biting? what's left of you. it's bees with teeth

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tooting about what is and isnt praxis is praxis

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this website makes me have crushes on too many twinks

@raphael i thought the plan was that they didn't know? or am i wrong?
i think do what's best for your safety, but also if you're doing it either way, getting it done sooner will probably be less stress in the long run

@raphael i think tbh it will be anxiety filled either way and if you wait until Monday you'll just have all weekend to dwell on it

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