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when you go to the hospital to pick up your baby the doctor shows you your baby and then puts it under a big cup and shuffles it around on a table with two other babies and then you have to pick a cup and that’s the baby you take home

sending some emails like a damn ass yuppie

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Me losing it when my favourite song gets fiddled in the club

an acabus is a device for counting law enforcement officers

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heading down to the Activity Pub for a tall frosty pint of Activity

someday i will get doored by a toyota prius with a human rights campaign bumper sticker, but until then i cycle freely and without fear or mercy

Sexy Antifa Super Soldier Halloween Costume

im gna log off for a while
my wire username is in my bio
bye friends

there's a difference between TERFs and transphobes and tbh "transphobe" doesnt get used enough imo

did you know when you log off your avi plays a cute animation where it goes to bed, it's true try logging off

the s in "the cool s" stands for sleepy

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