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the conundrum is im sleepy but already in bed fully clothed and with unbrushed teeth

watering can with legs totters up to me and pours a little soothing aloe on my worried mind

holy shit imagine having a 10 foot tall minion inside your house

imagine being the kind of person who spends $118.95 on Airblown 9.5' Minion Carl Merry Christmas Inflatable Indoor/Outdoor Holiday Yard Decor

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been working on this bit where I'm just bad at my job

*drake voice* i can tell that you've been praxising

Oh what's that?
Half the customers left the cafe since you're only open for another hour? Haha hope you like the espresso pulling terribly since the ambient temperature of the cafe is different now good luck

Do y'all even know how many outside factors there are in pulling a shot of espresso like, OUTSIDE of your dial?????

Hahaha that bit of depressing and outraging politics you just tooted...i know! Haha it’s bad! Everything’s very bad quite often really! Haha so would it motherfucking kill you to put a CW on it, comrade? It wouldn’t haha it really wouldn’t! And then pffft get this - and then i wouldn’t have to SEE it if I weren’t ready to!! AHAHAHA

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ASMR Role Play - Caring and Supportive Funky Kong Gives You A Ride Home From The Airport

contemporary capitalist society is built on the hyper exploitation of the global periphery in a vicious neocolonial system where the global core maintains a monopoly over information technology, access to the world's natural resources and nuclear weapons brother -HH

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