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hey i have an alt now, @alex. i dunno what i'm gonna use it for but feel free to follow if you want

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hello fellow followers. If you were following my good friend @alex then please oh please follow their new account @alexander !!

hey im back on over at @alexander
we out here.... round two



if theres any gab users out there reading this.... you dropped you're pocket

fuck marry kill
street parking

current hijinks levels are 00%

(00%) β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

More games should have a big head mode

as sad as i am about being down for an extended period of time, i'm even sadder that i lost contact with @greg

vivian πŸ‘ girls πŸ‘ reunion πŸ‘ tour πŸ‘

frank ocean seller please.. i am going into battle and i want only your strongest frank oceans

food ment 

putting oat milk on my oats just feels wrong

JOHN KELLOGG: You people need to stop jerking off. Here is a bowl of bland flakes of corn

THE PUBLIC: These taste like shit

JOHN KELLOGG: [starts unpacking a large crate labelled 'penis metal wire insertion kit']

THE PUBLIC: The corn's good. It's good. John stop

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