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YunoHost: hello, we are trying to make server administration super easy, just buy a Raspberry Pi or a VPS and you're good to go

random Yunohost user : hello I recently bought a russian submarine on ebay, can I install on it !?

#yunohost teaser 

Thanks to ljf, now we have some epic mail diagnosis included in the diagnosis mechanism for 3.8 ! :blobaww:

If you had a Google Suite alternative on , how would you like it to be called ? 🤔

#Yunohost dev teasing 

Moar teasing about the work in progress for the self-diagnosis dashboard

Dev, call to sysadmin / #Debian experts for help... 

In the context of , we provide an ISO (based on the Debian CD/ISO build thing). It worked pretty well ... until recently where we now have a weird issue coming from packages 'debhelper' and 'dh-autoreconf' (these are dependencies of equivs, which is a dependency of yunohost).


Hier soir on a eu le droit à un test utilisateur légendaire par quelqu'un qui regardait mon laptop par dessus mon épaule :

- C'est quoi ça ?
- C'est la liste d'apps de
- Ah ouai y'en a beaucoup ... Y'en a même des payantes ?
- Heu bah heu non pourquoi ?
- C'est marqué "20euros"

(C'est la première app dans la liste, il s'agit d'un clone de 2048 é_è)

- ...243 ça semble plus cher, mais y'a pas marqué euros

(C'est un autre clone de 2048 @.@)

The face when you're looking for a Google Drive alternative, and someone installs you a Nextcloud with in 10 minutes

You might think I "work" on , but I really just use it as an excuse to procrastinate away from the big pile of responsible-adult stuff I should be doing :thaenkin:

If you are at and want to start -hosting and discover , I'll be giving an hands-on workshop on Day 2 at 2 pm !

Also feel free to ping me if you want to talk about in general !

If you have 10 minutes during the next one~two hours to help :

I am looking for someone with a gmail address to test improvement in our mail stack. The test should take ~10 minutes max.

Please join -dev on freenode if you're available 😛

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