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user support meme 

The full logs ... I repeat the FULL logs!

user support rant, swearing 

How many disclaimers should I flood users with so that they understand that no log = no help god fucking dammit

debian sysadmin meme 

What I think about everytime I see apt's stupid conflict messages

#yunohost support 

/me each time a user says something doesn't work / there's an error without providing the actual error message

yunohost, user support 

Me: thank god I flagged the .deb package as essential

Me: now yunohost can't be inadvertently be uninstalled

Me: I mean what kind of user would write "Yes, do as I say!" after a big scary message saying plenty of things will be removed

Me: yup, that would never happen.

User on the forum: :blobpeek:

support utilisateur, rant 

User : coucou j'ai un problème

Moi : ok alors tu peux essayer de taper <commande> et partager le retour pour qu'on comprenne ce qu'il se passe ?

User : ah c'est bon ça s'est résolu tout seul merci
User : *ne partage pas les logs*

Mais bordel de cul filez les logs pour qu'on comprenne ಠ_ಠ

your favorite sysadmin error message 

MFW perl dumps its 10-line warning saying it's falling back to default C locale for the 129373 time

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