main instance issue 

Welp has an expired cert

open to be called cute 

Hi. You're really cute ✨

It’s your body.
It’s your life.
It’s your choice.
And no one knows better than you what you need it to be.

in arizona we have to vote for a f//king mine inspector and the two candidates are a dude that has never seen a cave outside of his multi-million dollar mansion and a dude that just crawled out of one.

re: selfie, eye contact, - 

I'd smile more if it didn't make me look old...

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bad climate change joke 

if we don't stop climate change it's gonna be No Nut November year-round... cuz.... nuts won't grow anymore...

Legbuttio ( is down for upgrades. Hi cybrespace!

names, the slightest of genital mention 

Okay, new function for now: I'm trying out some middle names. My mom named me Alana Dee, and then when I was born with parts, not that, but I decided to go with it when I started transitioning. I'm not really feeling the Dee part, so I'm going to be trying some in the display name for a while. I still like the D (haha) as an initial, so that's what I'll keep it narrowed to.

Guess I'm here for a while. Time to follow as many people as I remember following from my other account.

Let it be known: if I ever write a book and someone after my death decides it's appropriate to write an introduction to the new addition, and if that introduction measures longer than three (3) pages, I will stir from my grave to haunt that traitor eternally; and for every page over three (3), I will haunt an additional generation of that person's extended family to a max of fifteen (15) pages, at which point I will haunt their great-great-great grandparents' entire descendency.

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