me: *restarts audio service*
music player: *crashes*
qemu: *freezes*

2022 is the year of the linux desktop.

Archeologists have just discovered Fermata's last theorem, unfortunately it's blank.

Chiptune is electronic music. You can dance to Chiptune. Chiptune is EDM.

Did you know that if you uninstall then you can't accept calls anymore? Ask me how I know.

[audio volume is too soft]
me, an intellectual: *increases screen brightness*

I actually tested this out once, it was pretty decent tbh.

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The only REAL IPC is sending JSON as binary using SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2.

Dumb hack time:

#!/bin/env -S sh -c 'sed 1d "$*" | mpv --no-video -' --
at the beginning of all of your music files.
Now you can do
to play a file.

You don't know true fear until you lend your only USB C cable to a coworker and forget to ask for it back.

Luckily I'm on 70% battery, so I'll survive.

Pee is stored in the /sys/fs/pstore.

Fun challenge: try to send that email to your boss before
# dd if=/dev/urandom of="$(findmnt -no SOURCE /)"
destroys your system!

On June 11th at midnight, if you go to your bathroom, turn the lights off, look at your mirror, and whisper "Shia LaBeouf" three times. When you return to your bedroom, he will appear in your bed, naked.

"Do it!"

Did You Know That You Need Proton To Be Installed For Steam To Launch A Non-Steam Game Using Proton?

I hate it how some chilli's are so spicy. Like damn dude, I just wanna eat you, why you gotta be such a duck about it?

Why does everyone at work know how to do everything while I can't even get one of our deps to build?

Here's a totally real list of all my hobbies:

- apologizing randomly
- posting real pictures to /r/blender and having people critique how realistic it looks
- collecting hobbies
- xor-ing multiple weak hashing algorithms to throw off hackers
- shouting out semicolon everytime I end a line while writing code
- making up nonsense tl;dr's
- reading man pages
- airhumping in front of a mirror when no one's home

I hate how the smell of burnt toast gives me anxiety.

I'm a baby, please teach me how to walk.


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